Grace and Peace to You!
This week, we welcome Pastor Tiffany Towberman to Trinity as our guest preacher. Pastor Tiffany has been serving in the Metro DC synod in various capacities for over 20 years. She lives in Leesburg, Virginia with her family. In her free time she enjoys motorcycle riding and skiing.
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Faith Formation Resources

This week, I offer the Stay at Home Sunday School from the Indiana-Kentucky Synod. The link to the resources is HERE.

Hello Trinity family,
Happy inauguration day! To celebrate this special occasion, I chose a very American hymn for today’s meditation: “Down in the River to Pray” arranged by Lorie Line. “Down in the River to Pray” was first published in 1867 as part of Slave Songs of the United States. This hymn also shares a melody with a traditional Native American song. I pray that in this season of change for our nation, we remember and celebrate our common heritage by caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ, putting aside our differences.
Here is the hymn text for your reflection.
The link to the video is HERE.
As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way

Grace and Peace to you in this Epiphany Season!
This week we hear from Revs. Grant and Amanda Applehans, Country Coordinators for the Madagascar Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program (currently wintering at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp, Montana).  You can read more about the program HERE.
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Welcome Friends!
Today, we sing with Ross, and Anita reads 1 Samuel 3.
What would it be like to live in a church?
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David K will continue a new series of study this Sunday on the book of John. Please contact David to be added to the Zoom invitation email, or contact the church office.

The Labyrinth – A Prayer Practice For All Ages

If you are finding yourself struggling with prayer right now, or feeling especially burdened or angry, here is an offering of an ancient prayer practice for your use during these tense, confusing, angering, scary, difficult, and (fill in the blank) days we find ourselves in.

The labyrinth represents the journey to God and the call back out into the world to do the work that is so needed. Print this labyrinth graphic (HERE), and using your finger or a writing instrument, trace the path to the center, linger a bit, and then retrace the path back out.

Options as you “walk” the labyrinth:
Hold a small stone in your free hand. As you “walk” to the center, contemplate the burdens that stone represents. When you reach the center, place the stone there, placing your burdens into God’s hands. As you “walk” out, consider what loving action God might be asking you to do in the world.

Alternatively, use the words to this Taize hymn and this video (HERE) as you “walk” the labyrinth.

O Lord, hear my prayer, O Lord, hear my prayer. When I call, answer me. 
O Lord, hear my prayer, O Lord, hear my prayer. Come and listen to me.

Hello Trinity family,
What a week it’s been for our nation! I’m blessed to work one block away from the Capitol at Lutheran Church of the Reformation, the setting for today’s musical offering. (Don’t worry. During unsafe times, I have worked and will work remotely.) While this church is a common tourist destination, more importantly it serves the residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood who witnessed rioting last week and now live under the watchful eye of an intimidating number of police and military.

The strength of Reformation’s pastors Michael Wilker and Ben Hogue during this time has taught me a great deal about perseverance, not because of the inspirational prayers at the end of their church emails, but because of their persistent ministry to the community of people left to pick up the pieces after a horrible demonstration of violence. Worship, book studies, and church meetings have continued, but now the common greeting “How are you doing?” translates to “How are you holding up?” I’ve seen a lot of fear in the community since the events of last week, but I’ve seen much more grace, patience, and kindness.
Today’s musical offering is O Sacred Head, Now Wounded arranged by Don Wyrtzen. I encourage us this upcoming week to reflect on how we can better see Jesus in our neighbors and demonstrate compassion for those around us.
The link to the video is HERE.
“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers

The demand for food assistance remains very high at the Living Faith pantry in Rockville. In recent weeks they have served 70 families in a single week, four times the number served pre-pandemic. The need is so critical that the pantry has suspended distribution of personal care items and is focusing only on food at this time. Please help us support Living Faith’s important effort! Right now, there is a deep need for canned meats and peanut butter, as the county has stopped providing frozen meat.
Date: Saturday, January 16, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Where: Trinity Lutheran Church, 11200 Old Georgetown Rd.
North Bethesda 20852 (main parking lot)
More info: Kathy at 301-675-6987 or email
Dropping off food? Please pick up your offering envelopes, so that we can save on postage.

Critical Food Needs
Cereal (kids’ favorites)
Shelf stable milk (whole if possible)
Black/pinto beans (canned)
Canned tomatoes (whole if possible)
Canned vegetables (corn very popular)
Canned fruit
Cooking oil
Peanut Butter
Canned meat/fish (chicken, tuna, ham, salmon, Spam)
Canned soup (chicken noodle popular)

Food pick-up available this month — If you would like someone to pick up food items at your home, please call or text Kathy at 301-675-6987. We would ask that you place the food items outside your home by 9:00 AM on 1/16. We can also bring your offering envelopes if you let us know.

If you cannot shop, and prefer to make a cash donation –You may send a check directly to
Living Faith Lutheran Church (1605 Veirs Mill Road, Rockville, MD 20851) Please note ‘food pantry’ in the memo line.

Grace and Peace to you! Welcome to worship. Today, we celebrate the baptism of Jesus.
We welcome Pastor Kristin S as our guest preacher this week. She serves as an active duty chaplain for the Air Force. We will hear about what chaplains do for our military.
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This week has been so much.
Bishop Leila Ortiz, the Bishop of the Metro DC Synod, shared her experience on January 6, and the events that transpired at Luther Place Memorial Lutheran Church, in DC on YouTube. The link to the video is HERE.
Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America shared a message in response to the events of January 6 on YouTube. The link to the video is HERE.

A prayer for a time of civic distress:
Rise up and come to our help, merciful God, for we are in need. Our spirits are weighed down with fear; our bodies feel as fragile as the dust from which we came. All that we have trusted seems hidden from sight. Although this moment has come upon our nation, you have not forgotten us. We do not trust in our own power or strength, but in your steadfast love in every generation. Show us your face in this time of trial, remind us of your faithfulness, and save us for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
(All Creation Sings, p. 49)

Friends, as I write this, the Capitol is being stormed by protestors, and the world is scary. I offer this prayer from our hymnal, as I have no words. – Anita

Eternal God, amid all the turmoil and changes of the world, your love is steadfast, and your strength never fails. You have bound us in a common life. In this time of danger and trouble, be to us a sure guardian and rock of defense. Guide the leaders of our nation with your wisdom, comfort those in distress, and grant us courage and hope to face the future; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, Amen

Wednesday Music Meditation

Hello Trinity Family,
Today marks the feast of the Epiphany. Usually we celebrate this day with the same sort of child-like wonder we had at Christmas. However, as I write this email, the Capitol is being stormed by protesters. The news reminds us that following the Christmas star is often scarier and more challenging than we anticipate. Please stay safe and pray for our community.
For my Epiphany meditation, I offer “We Three Kings”. The link to the video is HERE.

Here is the hymn text for your reflection.
Oh, star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light


Chalking the Door: an Epiphany Blessing

An Epiphany tradition is chalking the door of the house and having a moment of blessing for all who enter. Here is a brief liturgy and prayer that you can do at home. The link is HERE.

Grace and Peace to you this Christmas Season!
We will have guest preachers for the month of January.
First up, we have Rev. Sandra Shaw, pastor of Living Faith Lutheran Church, in Rockville, MD. We have been in a partnership with them since late spring 2020. We have been hosting a food drive, collecting food for them to help feed the community.
The link to the video is HERE.
The link to the worship materials is HERE.
The link to the children’s bulletin is HERE.

Thank you for your offering. Your gifts make the ministry of Trinity possible. Electronic giving may be available through your bank or financial institution. Offerings mailed to the church office will be promptly deposited. 

Hello Trinity Family,

Merry sixth day of Christmas! I hope you all are enjoying this special time of year. For today’s offering, we have two special pieces: “What Child is This” performed by Ursula R and “Gesu Bambino” performed by Josh and Jeanine B, with Tony A on piano.
The link to the video is HERE.