Hello Trinity family,

Every week since quarantine started, I have addressed these emails the same way — “Trinity family”. In churches, we often cling to vague, reassuring phrases to foster a sense of community. How often do we throw around the phrases “children of God”, “family”, or “brothers and sisters in Christ”? What do these mean? I don’t know about all of you, but to me family means something very specific. Family means supporting each other through difficult situations, being present at the table even when someone makes decisions I disagree with, and setting aside my pride to accept help when I need it. Sometimes family means listening to soothing Lorie Line arrangements (at least for me, since my mother is a church musician), but family also means struggling and growing together. Regardless of how we’re addressing our emails to each other during this time of challenge and change, I encourage us all to reflect on the magnitude of the emotions we feel during this time, and fully appreciate that God loves and supports us just as fiercely.
Please enjoy Lorie Line’s arrangement of “Children of the Heavenly Father”. I have included some of the hymn text below. The link to the video is HERE.
Though He giveth or He taketh
God His children ne’er forsaketh
His, the loving purpose solely
To preserve them, pure and holy
Lo, their very hairs He numbers
And no daily care encumbers
Them that share His ev’ry blessing
And His help in woes distressing


Virtual Choir Invitation!

Hello parents of Trinity and children at heart!

I would like to put together a Virtual Children’s Choir. Ross and I have recorded “This Little Light of Mine” and would love for you all to add your lovely voices! All are welcome to participate. The rehearsal video consists of Ross and I singing side by side. Please invite your children to sing along with me as directed. All gestures, dancing, jumping for joy, and expressions are welcome! As I often tell the choir, our smile is a very important part of our singing. Here are some recording tips:
1. Please record your child or children, or yourself, while playing the rehearsal video. This way we can line up their singing and dancing with the accompaniment. If you have technical concerns or questions about recording, please email me or Anita.
2. If your child has difficulty following along with the video, please feel free to sing along with them. All are welcome in the video!
3. If your child is old enough to follow the video by themselves, please have them watch the video wearing headphones or earbuds. This helps us isolate their voice from the other music.
4. Often we record multiple takes to get the best one. This is normal and expected! If 4 minutes is a long time to sit still, you can begin recording their singing at the timestamp 2:16 in the rehearsal video, when our “performance” officially begins. The link to the video to listen and to record to is HERE.
Please upload recordings to this link
https://www.dropbox.com/request/30YGimrCAR0HFTboCWZ7 by 
Friday, 7/17. Again, please email me if you have any questions.

Dear People of God,

It’s funny, the things you remember sometimes.  The other day, out of the blue, I remembered something a nurse whispered in my ear once.

Just before leaving for a tent-camping trip in Yellowstone, I tore the meniscus in my knee (while spreading mulch in the flower bed.)  Surgery followed soon after our return and I was in and out of the surgery center in barely 3 hours.  I was still lingering in that twilight stage as the nurse wheeled me out to the car, but I have never forgotten what happened next.  As Jackie pulled the car up, the nurse leaned into my ear and said, “I want you to go home today and just take it easy, relax.  And tomorrow I want you to get up and walk! And keep walking and moving and doing your exercises because if you don’t you’ll be back here for another kind of surgery.”  How’s that for truth-telling?!

Most of us bear some kind of injury at some point in our lives – physical, emotional, or more likely, both.  When that happens, it’s important to take stock, and try to understand what has happened, and hopefully learn something from our suffering.  And then it’s important we resume our journey.  The path is made by walking.  Sometimes we skip and run.  Sometimes we walk more slowly.  And sometimes we stop, take stock, and then resume our journey, even if we walk with a sore knee for a while.
I took that nurse’s advice.  The first few days my gait was comical, much to the delight of our small children.  But I kept going.  And it got better.  

The path is made by walking.  The future is waiting. Shall we walk together?
Pr Kern

Hello Friends! Our Website went down on Friday. I was able to email Faith Formation Friday and post it to YouTube, but I was unable to post to the website. Here is our Faith Formation Video for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost. The link to the video is HERE. – Anita

Hello Trinity family,
Happy Fourth of July weekend! Today I offer Gordon Young’s arrangement of Faith of Our Fathers. I’m usually not a fan of celebrating secular holidays with my church family, but this year I think these celebrations help to give us all a sense of normalcy. I look forward this weekend to teaching my Indian roommate all of my favorite 4th of July traditions!
Here is the hymn text for your reflection.
(The link to the video is HERE.)
Faith of our fathers, living still,
In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword;
Oh, how our hearts beat high with joy
Whene’er we hear that glorious word.
Faith of our Fathers! Holy Faith!
We will be true to thee till death.

Grace and Peace to you! Here is our worship video for the Fifth Sunday After Pentecost. The link to the video is HERE.
The link to the worship materials is HERE.
The Children’s Bulletins are at this link HERE.

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Dear Trinity Family,
Wednesday is the day your Tidings normally brings you a Musical Meditation from Angela S, Trinity musician.   Angela is a little under the weather today, but you can look and listen for her toward the end of the week.
In the meantime, I’m looking ahead to this coming Sunday’s gospel where we hear one of the most beloved of all of Jesus’ saying – Come to me, all you that are weary…..
Even though the days are beautiful and all around us in nature life is being renewed, the pandemic news is once again discouraging.  We are, all of us, weary.  I was speaking with Bishop Ortiz earlier this week and she talked about this.  The world has laid upon it something to pervasive there’s no hiding from it and it’s so microscopic none of us can see it.  The death, suffering, and anxiety are wearying.
But Jesus tells us we are not alone in our burdens and to the extent we take on his yoke of patience, suffering, and hope we will find ourselves restored.
We wear our masks, wash our hands, avoid crowds – and remember the promise of Jesus that he will help us through this time.
Pr Kern

Dear People of Trinity,
You have now received (or will receive very soon) notice of two congregation meetings, both of which are exceedingly important. (The letter was mailed on Friday, June 26.)
The first meeting will allow Trinity to update its constitution to allow for virtual meetings. The second meeting will be the annual meeting in which reports will be received, members elected to the Call Committee, and new Council members elected!  You have already heard me say what faithful, strong candidates are nominated.  And once the Call Committee is elected, the call process for a new pastor can move forward!
The world around us continues to unfold in confusing, stressful ways.  I appreciate everybody at Trinity who has worked hard to stay connected, be encouraging, and remember the future.  God is faithful.  Life will be good again.
Pr Kern

Peace be with you! Here is our video for the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost. We hope this brings you a moment of peace and joy during these strange times.
The link to the video is HERE.
The link to the worship materials is HERE.
The link to the Children’s Bulletin and comic strip is HERE.

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Hello Friends!

Here is our video for the 4th Sunday after Pentecost! Ross sings some songs, and I talk about Psalm 89. The link to the video is HERE.

A few years ago, someone I knew from my high school did a project where she sang through the Bible, and wrote an original song daily. Here is Amy’s song where she sings Psalm 89:15-17 using the New Living Translation. It’s a fun song! – Anita

Adult Forum on Zoom
David K will be continuing to host the Adult Forum. Currently, we are working through the Parables. To participate, please send David an email at bentleykleiner@verizon.net before Sunday, and he will email you a Zoom invitation.

Here We Stand…..sort of…..maybe: An Invitation to Conversations on the Edge facilitated by Pastor Kern

When Martin Luther stood trial for his then-heretical beliefs, he famously declared in the face of some of the greatest power the world had ever known, Here I stand.  I cannot do otherwise.  So help me God.  In the clarity of history, we now see Luther as a very human figure with some views we find abhorrent today. But as equally flawed, faithful saints we might ask ourselves:  Where do we stand?  What is God requiring of us?

Please join me for these conversations each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm via the Zoom link below.  As the Holy Spirit has called each of us into this body of Christ, I believe we each have gifts to share.  We can learn from each other. I’m looking forward to the conversation.

Pastor Kern

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 870 6790 6900
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Meeting ID: 870 6790 6900

Peace Be With You!
The Worship Video for this Sunday is HERE.
The Worship Materials linked HERE.
The Children’s Bulletins and Comic is HERE.

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