At the end of particularly frenetic work from home day yesterday, I opened the dining room windows to get some fresh air and enjoy the spring weather. As has become a bit of a ritual, each early evening most of my neighbors venture out of their houses to be in community with each other at socially appropriate distances. I stepped outside to smile and wave and came back inside to start dinner. After a few minutes I began to hear violins through the open windows. As a violin player myself, I was drawn back outside to see what was happening. Across the street I saw a young person playing her violin from the front porch of her house and on the sidewalk below was a couple playing their violins with her. Then my next door neighbor, who happens to be a professional violinist, emerged from her house with her instrument and within a couple of minutes my neighbor and the young person were playing the first movement of the JS Bach Concerto for Two Violins; across the street from each other. What a gift. This concerto is one of my favorite musical works and I’ve been very blessed to play that same first movement twice at Trinity, most recently just last August with Joshua B. Listening to that music last night reminded me that even in this time of fear and uncertainty, God’s gifts are still all around us and are not impacted by this virus. Let us take comfort in those gifts today; whatever they may be. And let us look forward to the time when we can again celebrate those gifts together in the same space. 

Lord in this time of fear and uncertainty, help us to see your gifts of grace and mercy all around us. Help us to be open to your presence during this time. Help us to take comfort in the signs of spring and rebirth around us and remind us of the promise of the resurrection. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sarah G, Council President

Dear Trinity Family,
I hope this Sunday brought you some lightness and joy.  I found the sunshine late today just felt hopeful.
Every day I become more and more aware of just how connected the members of Trinity are to each other, and their neighbors.  It’s such a basic way of being church and it’s encouraging at the same time.
Carol, Angela, and Anita and I are having a good time generating the worship videos and daily contact for you.  We are learning as we go!  But oh how we look forward to the day when the church is filled and we can all be together again.
Remember in your prayers those in the front lines of this pandemic – physicians, nurses, aides, therapists, first responders – may God protect and sustain them.  Remember the sick and suffering among us – those undergoing treatment and those awaiting care.  Remember teachers and school staff about to embark on new ways of teaching and learning.  Remember those who are not able to work and are even now lack the funds to eat, pay rent, etc.  May God bless each and every one.
Pr Kern

Hello Friends!
The link for today’s video (5th Sunday in Lent) is HERE!
Watch the whole video….there is another surprise at the end!

David K has done devotion on Luke which can be found HERE.

Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon!