Faith Formation for Palm Sunday

Hello Friends!
We are entering Holy Week, and it’s strange that we can’t meet together. I encourage you to make a palm, find a tree branch or grab a coat, as we shout Hosanna together. Here is a link to a palm branch to cut out and color. The link to this week’s video is HERE.

I also encourage you to make a home altar during this time…and the palm can go in it! My home area has a cross, candle holder, and a duck that are important to me and to my relationship with Jesus. What are the things that are important to you in your relationship with Jesus? You can also draw pictures of things that remind you of your relationship with Jesus.

Yes, my prayer area has a duck in it. Ask me the story later.

Also, important to me, is a picture my mom made. This cross has hung in the entrance of every house my mom has lived in since she made it. This picture reminds me that I am God’s Child every time I pass it. Some years, we cover up the picture during Holy Week.

This picture is extra special, because my mom made the picture, and my dad made the frame.

So, this week, think about where you have or where you can create some sacred space in your home as we approach Holy Week.