From Pastor Kern

Dear Trinity Family,

In the New Testament there are two words for time.  Chronos and kairos.  Chronos is clock time – minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, etc.  Kairos is memorable time – moments where chronos seems not to matter.  The first time you fell in love.  The smell of your mother’s kitchen.  Anytime that time seems to stand still.
I think of the Black Lives Matter moment that is sweeping the world in recent days is surely a kairotic moment.  A time, whose time has come.  What made the injustice and violence done to George Floyd, the death at the tip of a string of unjust deaths, become the moment when people of all races, all nationalities take to the streets?  There are probably as many answers to that question as people on the planet, but my answer is, it is finally time for the sin of racism to come front and center in the lives of all of us.  I believe I see the Holy Spirit blowing and whirling around the globe.  May God make it so.
Meanwhile, we live also in a time of pandemic and we find ourselves bereft of any cohesive, science based response across our country.  There is not only anxiety about the virus, but about all the various responses to the virus that seem to be dividing the population.  It is not an easy time.
Which means the congregation survey that went out yesterday to the congregation is more important than ever. (Link is HERE.) Our team worked hard and thoughtfully on this instrument, please take a couple minutes to share your answers.
Stay connected.  Be encouraging.  Remember the future.  God is with us and all of creation.
Pastor Kern