From Pastor Kern July 1, 2020

Dear Trinity Family,
Wednesday is the day your Tidings normally brings you a Musical Meditation from Angela S, Trinity musician.   Angela is a little under the weather today, but you can look and listen for her toward the end of the week.
In the meantime, I’m looking ahead to this coming Sunday’s gospel where we hear one of the most beloved of all of Jesus’ saying – Come to me, all you that are weary…..
Even though the days are beautiful and all around us in nature life is being renewed, the pandemic news is once again discouraging.  We are, all of us, weary.  I was speaking with Bishop Ortiz earlier this week and she talked about this.  The world has laid upon it something to pervasive there’s no hiding from it and it’s so microscopic none of us can see it.  The death, suffering, and anxiety are wearying.
But Jesus tells us we are not alone in our burdens and to the extent we take on his yoke of patience, suffering, and hope we will find ourselves restored.
We wear our masks, wash our hands, avoid crowds – and remember the promise of Jesus that he will help us through this time.
Pr Kern