From Pastor Kern April 21, 2020

Dear Trinity Family,
We choose to stay connected.  How’s that going for you?  Are you able to be in touch with people who love you and that you love?  Are you telling stories to your children about what it was like when you were their age (no pandemic).  Even though we all miss the physical proximity of those we love, I hope your connections remain strong.
We choose to be encouraging.  I got a email the other day from my physician’s practice.  In it they laid out their procedures for being seen, receiving care, etc.  It’s all different now!  But his message ended with an encouraging word that care was still available and no one would be ignored.  I hope that as the body of Christ, we are encouraging one another in a similar way.  No one receives too much encouragement!
We remember the future.  Easter teaches us this.  The darkest moments of this life are but a prelude to the brightness of new life.  A little house finch has built a nest at the top of a column on my front porch.  I’m grateful we seem to have a very tidy nest!  But it’s also a daily reminder that the future is coming! and soon there will be a little bird to welcome it!
Christ is risen.  Alleluia!
Pastor Kern