From Pastor Kern August 3, 2020

Dear People of God in this Place,
If we trace the history of the people God from Genesis to the present, we find that the idea of place is central to the story.  Here are some of the biblical places around which the salvation story turns.
The garden of Eden
The Promised Land
The Mountaintop
The Temple
Sea of Galilee
The Road to Damascus
House churches
And the list goes on and on.
During this season of pandemic we have found our sense of place challenged.  Unable to gather in our usual place on Old Georgetown Rd, we meet and greet one another online or over the phone.  As Anita likes to point out, both physical gatherings and online gatherings are “real.”
They’re just different.
In this tragic season when it is so difficult to gather together physically, the church is redefining what ‘real’ life and worship is.  But whether we rub shoulders in the pew or look at one another in a small square on a screen, the Holy Spirit is active, creating sacred places where the people of God can gather.
Pr Kern