From Pastor Kern May 11, 2020

Dear Trinity Family,
Do you remember Martin Luther’s catechetical question?  What does this mean?  He states an article of faith (a commandment, part of the Creed, etc.) and before he offers an explanation he asks, What does this mean?

As an interim pastor, I never work with congregation’s when things are “normal.”  When I enter a community I have to work quickly to try and understand the history, the connections, and the behaviors I see.  I often ask myself, What does this mean?  I look for patterns, influencers, the marginalized, and always with an eye toward what the Spirit might be doing in this place.

In these days of pandemic, I find myself asking the question a lot.  In a season when we might expect turmoil and disintegration, we see just the opposite.  The number of “clicks” we see for the weekly worship videos seems to be outpacing prior, actual worship attendance.  What does this mean?  Giving, so far, is strong.  What does this mean?  Participation in the Sunday adult forum is strong.  The Wednesday story class is equally strong.  What does this mean?  Staff creativity in generating content has blossomed.  What does this mean?  Members are checking in with other members on a regular basis on a wide variety of platforms.  What does this mean?

It seems to me that these things mean that God is lifting up the ministry of Trinity, offering reassurances that the pandemic will not undo the emerging next chapter of congregation life.  You might have noticed a theme I have adopted during this time: Stay connected, Be Encouraging, Remember the Future.  Lately it occurs to me this is exactly what God is doing in our midst.  Our God has stayed close to us, connected to us.  The Holy Spirit has infused our life together with encouragement and hope.  And God has not lost sight of the future that continues to unfold for Trinity, albeit through a time none of us expected.

What do you think?
Pr Kern