From Pastor Kern

Dear Trinity Family,
I hope this Sunday brought you some lightness and joy.  I found the sunshine late today just felt hopeful.
Every day I become more and more aware of just how connected the members of Trinity are to each other, and their neighbors.  It’s such a basic way of being church and it’s encouraging at the same time.
Carol, Angela, and Anita and I are having a good time generating the worship videos and daily contact for you.  We are learning as we go!  But oh how we look forward to the day when the church is filled and we can all be together again.
Remember in your prayers those in the front lines of this pandemic – physicians, nurses, aides, therapists, first responders – may God protect and sustain them.  Remember the sick and suffering among us – those undergoing treatment and those awaiting care.  Remember teachers and school staff about to embark on new ways of teaching and learning.  Remember those who are not able to work and are even now lack the funds to eat, pay rent, etc.  May God bless each and every one.
Pr Kern