Opportunities to grow in faith!


Adult Forum

The Adult Forum chooses various topics to discuss in the light of our faith. It meets Sundays at 9:30am. Often, a book of the bible will be discussed at length, across several sessions. Sometimes a guest speaker will be invited to discuss a particular topic, often in conjunction with the Social Ministry committee. All are invited to participate in the conversation! If you would like to lead a session, or have an idea for a topic or guest speaker, please contact the the office.

The class is currently studying the New Testament using the Books of Faith series published by Augsburg Fortress Press.

Life Class

Living In Faith Everyday! We meet in the conference room every Sunday morning at 9:30 to discuss the Bible readings for the next week. Everyone is welcome, and participation is encouraged. The discussion leader generally changes every two weeks.

Links for Daily Devotions

  • Faith Practices – Living Our Baptism: Martin Luther taught that every morning we are to rise and say, “I am baptized into Christ” and then go about our daily life inspired, guided, and empowered by our baptism as we live a life made new by Christ. The ELCA Faith Practices site provides links to Daily Discipleship and Daily Faith Practices as online downloadable Bible studies based on the lectionary used at Sunday worship.
  • God Pause from Luther Seminary
  • Lutheran Hour Ministries
  • Lutheran Church Charities

Links For more information

  • The Revised Common Lectionary: This lectionary provides a three-year series of readings for Sunday starting with the season of Advent, four weeks before Christmas Day. For each Sunday and festival, three readings and a psalm are suggested and include: a Gospel reading, an Old Testament reading, and a New Testament reading. The lectionary is a work of The Consultation on Common Texts, an ecumenical consultation of liturgical scholars and denominational representatives from the United States and Canada, who produce liturgical texts for use in common by North American Christian Churches.
  • Living Lutheran: this monthly magazine is a source for news, reflections and stories from the ELCA and its local and global companions. It covers religious news and social issues, congregational life, global and domestic mission, family matters, spiritual practices and resources, and more.
  • Augsburg Fortress Press: the publishing house of the ELCA

Sunday School Overview

Sunday School meets at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings. For children under 3, there is a nursery available during this time. Classes are provided for all other children. Adults are invited to volunteer as Sunday School leaders, or participate in either the LIFE Class or the Adult Forum

Pre-K & Kindergarten

We will be learning bible stories through story telling, games and craft activities. Through these activities, we will learn about the active role that God plays in our own lives.

First through Third Grade

Using the lectionary as a guide, we will be learning about God’s active involvement in our lives and in the lives of many people from the Old Testament. We will also hear the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Fourth through Sixth Grade

Our theme this year is to “Learn from the Bible to Live the Good News.” We will explore bible from Creation to Christ through dramatization, artistic expression and discussion. We will be examining our own place in God’s world, and our relationship to him.

Middle School

Our class is a companion to the Confirmation class. This year we are learning about what it means to follow the Lutheran proclamation of faith. We are also learning about the traditions and practices of our church, Trinity, as a community on its own and as part of a larger Christian community. We also participate in the youth group.

High School

We examine current issues, both in our lives and in the world around us, in the light of our faith and through scripture. Our discussion topics tend to change, adjusting to current events and our current needs. We have a strong fellowship, which allows us to explore difficult topics in the knowledge that we will have the support and acceptance that we need. We also participate in the youth group.