Musical Meditation 4.1.2020

Hello Trinity,

What a wild week this has been! On Monday, Anita and I rushed to Trinity to record the service music through Pentecost. Don’t worry, you’ll hear Trinity’s organ on Easter Sunday! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to record the upcoming Wednesday meditations, so this recording features my Rodgers electric organ at home.

Today’s reflection is J.S. Bach’s chorale prelude “Blessed Jesus We Are Here”. I felt it especially appropriate both because of our current stay-at-home order and because yesterday (the day I recorded) was Bach’s birthday!
The link to the video is HERE.

Verse 1:
Dearest Jesu, we are here,
at thy call, thy presence owning;
pleading now in holy fear
that great sacrifice atoning:
Word incarnate, much in wonder
on this mystery deep we ponder.