Musical Meditation 4.8.2020

Hello Trinity Family,

As this week’s meditation (specifically intended for tomorrow, Maundy Thursday), I offer “Verset de procession sur l’Adoro Te” by Leon Boëllmann. It is a setting of the hymn “Adoro Te Devote,” called “Thee We Adore, O Savior” in our hymnals. This hymn focuses on the mystery of Jesus’ real presence at communion, but I think it strikes a special chord this year as we strive to feel Jesus’ presence through worship in our homes. 
The link to the video is HERE.
For your prayerful reflection:
1 Thee, we adore, O Savior, God most true,
thy glory clothed in bread and wine anew;
our hearts to thee in true devotion bow,
in humble awe, we hail thy presence now.
2 O true remembrance of Christ crucified,
the bread of life to us for whom he died;
lend us this life then; feed and ease our mind,
be thou the sweetness we were meant to find.
3 Fountain of goodness, Jesus, Lord and God,
cleanse us, O Christ, with thy most cleansing blood:
increase our faith and love, that we may know
the hope and peace which from thy presence flow.
4 Jesus, by faith we see thee here below;

send us, we pray thee, what we thirst for so:
some-day to gaze upon thy face in light,
blest evermore with thy full glory’s sight.