Musical Meditation August 5, 2020

Hello Trinity Family,

This month begins a new season for us. We have new council members, possible plans for reopening, and are beginning to look forward into the fall towards our “new normal”. As the guidelines for Covid prevention are now clear and the county has begun to open, I have returned to Trinity to resume recording instrumental music in the sanctuary. However, it will be quite a while before we’re singing together again since singing carries germs much farther than speaking. For this week’s meditation, I offer David Tolk’s composition “In Reverence”. There are no lyrics. Instead I encourage us to reflect on what “sanctuary” means to us. I have included pictures of the sanctuary showing how it has felt for me this summer: dark, somber, and empty. I look forward this fall to our church family providing the “brightness” for our worship and being sanctuary¬†for each other.
The link to the video is HERE.