On the Way 2 Santiago

On the Way 2 Santiago

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus!

The goal of my sabbatical leave was to walk, pray, share, and discover.

Walking 351 miles (565 km) was difficult at the beginning. After climbing the mountain the first day in the heat and then coming down the other side, I thought I would collapse. The second day, it seemed crazy to be doing this and I wanted to quit. The third day was tolerable; and by the end of the Camino I wanted to continue on walking. Physically, walking was a tremendous challenge at the beginning, but became a great blessing.

Praying was always on my heart and mind. Sometimes I was giving thanks for the beauty of all that God had made, for the wonderful people I had met along The Way, for my family of faith back home at Trinity, for the basics of life – food, water, clothes, and a place to stay, and for the greatest gift of Christ Jesus who has supplied every need. Other times, I was praying for strength – of mind and body – to continue on The Way or to give hope and healing to the many people who were suffering along the way – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sharing is what happens on The Way. I shared The Way with the 250,000 people that walked the Camino this year and the millions who have walked it since A.D. 850. People from dozens of nations around the world shared their stories, their ideas, their hopes, and their fears with me – as I listened and shared with them. It was amazing to learn all the reasons people were walking the Camino.

Discovering something new was the rule every step of the way. Sometimes I discovered something new about Spain or the countries of my fellow pilgrims – history, humor, geography, architecture, agriculture, politics, food, family and friends. I discovered that their was a great yearning for hope, healing, and connection to God and other people, as well as release from fears that bind us.

I would like to share more about my adventures on the Camino at a pot-luck dinner on Saturday 15. October 2016 at 5:30 pm in our social hall.

— Roger Berner, Pastor