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A Wider Circle

  • On average, A Wider Circle schedules appointments with 20 families per day to select and pick up belongings for their homes (beds, furniture, household items, art, linens, toys, leaning products and a non perishable meal). And they do this 365 days a year! Even so, the waiting list is so long that it can take 9 to 12 months to get an appointment.
  • The good news is that A Wider Circle has plans at their current location to double their warehouse, showrooms and educational space which should help reduce the wait time in the future.

Last July, seven youth and adults from Trinity volunteered at A Wider Circle for several hours. We also delivered some gently used donations from members of the Congregation. Trinity’s Social Ministry Committee will continue to organize groups from Trinity to volunteer throughout the year and seek each time to deliver some gently used household items and other items collected for families. All ages are welcome to volunteer! The next opportunity to serve with Trinity at A Wider Circle will be posted on our monthly calendar!

LSS Refugee Support Programs

Each year Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSS/NCA) resettles more than 600 refugees—each individual with his or her own set of particular needs ranging from employment to healthcare requirements. Since LSS/NCA staff are limited in the time they are able to dedicate to individual refugees, co-sponsors help ensure that each family and individual receives the extra care and guidance they need to reach self-sufficiency. Trinity is exploring the possibility of becoming a co-sponsor for a refugee family. The types of sponsorship are

  • Home Raiser: (One year commitment) Prepare housing arrangements and collect basic needs for the arriving refugee family, ensure family can maintain housing by providing rental assistance to LSS/NCA, and provide 3 additional core areas of sponsorship.
  • Foundation Layer: (Six month commitment) Prepare housing arrangements and collect basic needs for the arriving refugee family and provide 3 additional core areas of sponsorship.
  • Architect: (Six month commitment) Offer mentoring to help refugees adapt to new community.
  • Carpenter: (Three month commitment) Host donation drives at home, in the community, or at church to collect furniture, toiletries, and other basic needs for refugee family.

Here are links to materials that describe the options we are considering:

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