Trinity Tidings for December 20, 2018

Trinity Tidings for December 20, 2018

Sunday, December 23, 2018
Fourth Sunday of Advent

Holy Communion at 8:15 and 10:45 am

Stir up your power, Lord Christ, and come. With your abundant grace and might, free us from the sin that binds us, that we may receive you in joy and serve you always, for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Assisting Us in the Sunday Liturgy

Acolytes – TBD (8:15), Vincent M (10:45)
Assisting Ministers – Bill B (8:15), Sarah G (10:45)
Children’s Church – Margaret F (8:15), Nicholas C (10:45)
Greeters – Tom M (8:15), Hagen & Kristina S (10:45)
Lectors – Keith C (8:15), Greg F (10:45)
Ushers – Diana B, Mike J (8:15), Dick & Peggy J (10:45)
Coffee Hour – Noralyn & Phil D, Keith C (8:15), Leslie C (10:45)
Altar Custodians – Carol B (8:15), Jackie K (10:45)
Bulletin Assembly – Diana M
Tellers – Bud & Lynn B

Weekly Devotional

The Magnifying Life

Micah 5:2-5a
Luke 1:46b-55
Hebrews 10:5-10
Luke 1:39-45 [46-55]

Mary sings, “My soul magnifies the Lord” (Luke 1:46). The word that is often translated “soul” can also be translated as “self” or “life.” My self, the particularities of my being, magnify the Lord, she sings. My life, she says, has become like a magnifying glass with which you can see up close the details of God. This is true. God has chosen Mary because her life is like a telescope through which we can look to encounter the divine.

Mary is poor. Mary is female. Mary is young. Mary is powerless by worldly standards. Mary is found to be pregnant outside of marriage, an unacceptable state in her community, and spends several months of her pregnancy with Elizabeth and Zechariah, away from her home. Mary is lowly and vulnerable. We might not expect that God would choose someone so seemingly unremarkable to manifest God’s work. Yet the particularities of Mary’s specific life and soul and self are a magnifying glass with which we can better see God’s activity in the world.

If you think that your own daily life is unremarkable, think again. You were created singularly by God. Adopted into the family of Christ through baptism, you are uniquely claimed and named to live out God’s call for you in the world. As with Mary, the particularities of your identity, challenges, gifts, and strengths also work like a magnifying glass, showing up close the liberating presence of God. Your day-to-day life indeed magnifies the Lord! In what particularities of your life and the lives of people around you do you notice God at work? In what elements of your relationships, community, work, recreation, or spiritual practice do you encounter the divine? Let us each take note, and then sing with Mary, “My soul does indeed magnify the Lord.”

Reprinted from Words for Worship, copyright 2018 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.


Stephen ministries logo

Blue Christmas Service
Friday Evening, December 21

Trinity’s Stephen Ministry program will hold a Blue Christmas Service on the longest night of the year, Friday evening, December 21, at 7:00 pm. While we are told we’re all supposed to be happy at this time of year, it is very common for many to struggle physically, emotionally, and spiritually during the month of December. Sometimes feelings of sadness, loneliness, and grief overwhelm and can negatively impact our ability to cope with everyday stressors.

Please know that you are not alone. In the Blue Christmas service, we will read Bible verses, recite poetry, sing hymns, light candles, pray, and honor our individual and collective losses. Please join us for this special service.

Christmas at Trinity

Christmas Eve, December 24

  • 6:00 pm Children and Family Holy Communion
  • 8:00 pm Music of the Season
  • 8:30 pm Candlelight Festival Holy Communion

Christmas Day, December 25

  • 10:45 am Lessons and Carols with Holy Communion

Coffee Hour Needs YOU

Our coffee hours are a great time for fellowship and greeting visitors and friends, but we need more volunteer coffee hour hosts. Sign up on the sheet on the coffee hour table, or contact Lynn B with questions or to sign up. Thank you.

Space In Your Home?

A donor has a twin bedroom set that one of our families can use when they move into a larger apartment. They are looking for a new apartment now, but they will need a place to store the furniture for a few months. Please contact Kathy T (301-675-6987) if you have space in your home to store it temporarily or have questions.

Trinity Men’s Group

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, January 9, at Dick J’s house starting at 1:00 p.m.
Please let Dick know if you are planning to attend.

How Can I Support a Good Mission?
Nominate It for a Trinity Mission Endowment Award!

The Mission Endowment Committee looks to the congregation for recommendations of organizations to receive awards in spring 2019. Each year the Mission Endowment Fund generates income, which is used to enhance the mission outreach of Trinity apart from the operating budget. By sustaining the annual awards, the fund is a gift that keeps on giving!

Mission Endowment Fund awards are made in three categories:

  1. Special (non-budgeted) projects of Trinity Lutheran Church – our congregation
  2. Special ministries in the community
  3. Special benevolence – supporting mission of the church beyond our congregation

Submit nominees to the church office. Nominations are due by January 27, 2019.

BIGGER Than a Building! (2015-2018)

As of December 16, the amount received for the original BTAB! Mission Appeal is $461,218.12. We are around $18,000 short of the pledged amount. Have you fulfilled your pledge for the original BTAB! Mission Appeal? This appeal runs from 2015-2018, so there’s only a few more weeks left! Please make sure you fulfill your total 3-year pledge amount by the end of December. Thank you.

Pledges and Gifts

For the 2019 Living in Grace and Gratitude annual Stewardship Appeal, as of December 16, 32 family units have pledged $186,636, and 46 adults and 9 youth have turned in their Time & Talent forms. If you have not yet pledged, Pledge Cards and Time & Talent Forms are available in the church office or from ushers on Sunday. Completed cards and forms may be placed in the offering plate or mailed to the church office, Attn: Financial Secretary. Thank you.

BIGGER Than A Building! 2 (BTAB! 2)

As of December 10, for the new 3-year BIGGER Than A Building! 2 (BTAB! 2) Mission Appeal (2019-2021), 32 family units have pledged $272,020. We need everyone’s pledge to meet our goal of $350,000 to pay off our mortgage for the new building and refurbishments to Trinity. Pledge cards and envelopes are available from the ushers. If you have not yet pledged, place your pledge card in the offering, or mail it to the church, Attn: Financial Secretary. Thank you.

Altar Flowers

Altar Flowers for Sunday services may be given in memory or honor of loved ones or in celebration of special anniversaries. Sunday altar flower donation is $35. Sign-up on the bulletin board near the Social Hall kitchen.

Remember in Your Prayers

. . . the church
our synod & bishops
Bishops Elizabeth Eaton & Richard Graham
our missionaries
Stephen Deal & Marta Giron, Central America
our congregation
Trinity Church
. . . the nations
Afghanistan, Haiti, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan(Darfur), Syria, Ukraine, the United States, and Zimbabwe
. . . the sick and suffering
nursing/rehabilitation center
Philip T, Manor Care Potomac
John W, Sunrise of Rockville
Diana B
Jean B
Tigist G
Susan K
James T
Chris T
James V
Margo W
family and friends*
Kim D and family, friends of Sunhee P
Diane M, friend of Margaret F
Debra P, sister of Thomas K
Natalie S, mother of Dan S
Ruth W, grandmother of Christine B

*For family and friends, prayer requests will be kept on the list for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, please complete another card. Thank you.

23. Kirsten G
23. Emily W
24. Jean B
24. Timothy F
24. Shannon P
25. Caden M
27. Lisbeth D
27. Dianez S
28. Margo W
29. Richard G

Baptismal Days
24. Georgine R
25. Matthew B
25. Roger B
25. Cooper G
25. Donna S
29. Dick J
29. Anna V

Wedding Anniversaries
26 Susan & Ross A
28 Kathy & Don T
29 Claudette & Frederick V

This Week at Trinity

Sun, Dec 23 Advent 4
8:15 a.m. Holy Communion
9:30 a.m. No Sunday School
10:45 a.m. Holy Communion

Mon, Dec 24 Christmas Eve
6:00 p.m. Children & Family Holy Communion
8:00 p.m. Music of the Season
8:30 p.m. Candlelight Festival Holy Communion

Tues, Dec 25 Christmas Day
10:45 a.m. Lessons & Carols Holy Communion

Thurs, Dec 27
9:30 a.m. Trinitarian mailing

Sun, Dec 30 Christmas 1
8:15 am Holy Communion
9:30 am No Sunday School
10:45 am Holy Communion

Image credit: Advent Candles By Liesel – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,