Trinity Tidings for March 14, 2019

This Sunday, March 17 
(Second Sunday in Lent)

Holy Communion at 8:15 and 10:45 
Sunday School and Adult Forum at 9:30

God of the covenant, in the mystery of the cross you promise everlasting life to the world. Gather all peoples into your arms, and shelter us with your mercy, that we may rejoice in the life we share in your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Assisting in the Sunday Services

Acolytes – Matthew B (8:15); Linnea S (10:45)
Assisting Ministers – Jerry B (8:15); Len S (10:45)
Children’s Chapel – TBD (8:15); David C (10:45)
Greeters – Tom M (8:15); Hagen & Kristina S (10:45)
Lectors – John B (8:15); Robyn K (10:45)
Ushers – Steve & Donna S (8:15); Dick & Peggy J (10:45)
Coffee Hour – Tom & Nancy M (8:15); Leslie C (10:45)
Altar Custodians – Carol B (8:15); Miriam M (10:45)
Tellers – Dick & Peggy J

Lent at Trinity

You are invited to the observance of an holy Lent. Our theme this year is “Going Ahead”. You are invited to join us for special mid-week services as well as on Sundays. Discover more about Lent at Trinity here.

From the Pastor…

Dear People of God,

Four pots of soup.  For the first mid-week Lenten service, four pots of soup were brought to share in the meal before worship.  The twenty-two people who were present enjoyed all they cared to eat and there was soup left over.  The breadbaskets on the table were filled and re-filled.  Hospitality and generosity abounded.

At  our best, these two are two of the primary markers of the church – hospitality and generosity.  And not just for ourselves!  I don’t remember seeing everyone there before.  One member braved the beltway to break this bread because Sunday is a regular workday.

Holden Evening Prayer was as lovely as ever.  Three singers led and supported our song.  The light of Christ glowed brightly in our midst.  It was, in the biblical sense, Good.

I’m really looking forward to next week.

Pr Kern

Here and Now

There may be a credible argument to be made for living life fully in the “now.” It might go like this: “Yesterday is no more, tomorrow may never come, so be present in the present because it’s all you’ve got.”

Weekly Devotional

Some Pharisees, members of the group of religious interpreters of God’s law who so often appear as Jesus’ adversaries, showed up at a critical hour with an urgent and, by all indications, well-intentioned warning for him: he was in the crosshairs of killers. Herod, the embodiment of “law and order” for the Roman Empire (more accurately, the incarnation of an empire’s brutal force—an offense of power not left behind in the first century), wanted Jesus dead.

Jesus, not ignoring the Pharisees or their warnings, nonetheless rejected them with the sort of loving intensity a mothering hen might have for her brood of chicks. With an eternal “right here, right now” challenge to the power and the authority of both Herod and empire, Jesus refused to flee from tomorrow’s trials; he refused to withdraw from what might come. He stayed in the now.

When everything seems to be going wrong, the one who is Alpha and Omega holds by faith a course toward hope. Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, stands firm when certainty breaks apart in storms of chaos, when doom leases the moment, and when the long, sharp claws of tragedy and sorrow cut close. Jesus’ way among demons and despair is to heal—yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Jesus’ way of hope transcends the pinnacles upon which vacant optimisms teeter—yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Neither counsels of caution nor threats from empire, not the demise of prophets nor rejection from his own can stall the blessed hope that comes in the name of the Lord.

Reprinted from Words for Worship, copyright 2018 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.

The Results Are In!
2019 Annual Trinity Cook-Off

Thanks to everyone that participated in Trinity’s annual cook-off including those making entries, tasters and voters. The tasty, fun and fellowship event raised over $300 that will support the youth’s mission trip and Manna Food Center. The 2019 Trinity Top Chefs are Lenore C, who entered delicious Italian Meatballs and Nancy M, who entered decadent Salted Caramel, Chocolate & Peanut Cracker Stack Bars. While Nancy and Lenore took home the prize aprons, everyone was a winner… no one went home hungry!

Men’s Fellowship and Bible Study

On Saturday, March 16, at 7:30 p.m., you are heartily invited to a men’s fellowship hour and bible study at the home of Hagen S. We will be beginning by working our way through the first two chapters of John over a friendly beer (and any other topics that come to mind). We hope that you can join us!

Tea at National Lutheran’s Village at Rockville

Trinity friends are invited to National Lutheran’s Village at Rockville for a morning Tea on Wednesday, March 27, at 10:30 a.m. The Village wishes to thank Trinity for its involvement over many years, and also update us on volunteer opportunities. We will meet there in the multipurpose room. Please enter by the main front entrance. Carpooling is recommended, as parking can be tight with the construction going on there. The Village is located at 9701 Veirs Drive, Rockville, MD. They would find it helpful to know approximately how many people plan to attend. RSVP to Brian in the church office, or Alice Benson at 301-354-8422 or Hope to see you there.

Thank You from Carol and Scott Bosley: So many from the bell choir and Trinity have sent lovely messages to Carol in recent weeks. They are heartwarming and so very much appreciated. We feel the power of prayer. It gives Carol joy and hope to know so many care for her. Thanks very much. -Scott

Coffee Hour Potluck Sunday

The first Sunday of each month, we will hold a potluck coffee hour. Please bring a coffee hour item to share. (last names A-L odd months, M-Z even months). We still need hosts for these Sundays as well as hosts for all our coffee hours. Sign up on the schedule on the coffee hour table or contact Lynn B.

Altar Flowers

Altar Flowers for Sunday services may be given in memory or honor of loved ones or in celebration of special anniversaries. Sunday altar flower donation is $35. Sign-up on the bulletin board near the Social Hall kitchen.

Remember in Your Prayers

our synod & bishops

Bishops Elizabeth Eaton & Richard Graham
our missionaries
Stephen Deal & Marta Giron, Cent. America
our congregation
Trinity Church
Afghanistan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Palestine, Somalia, Spain/Cataluña, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe
nursing/rehabilitation center
Philip T, Manor Care Potomac
John W, Sunrise of Rockville
Diana B, Jean B, Tigist G, Susan K, Pr Robert M, James T, Chris T, Margo W
family and friends*
Debby B, friend of Thor & Nancy N
Carol B, friend of Marilyn C
Brooks family, friends of Tom K & Sarah M
Shirley D, friend of Margaret & Greg F
Leigh F, and family, cousin of Cathy C
Julie D, friend of Margaret F
Paul G, husband of Louise G
Glen J, friend of P-H family
Eric L, friend of Tom K
Frank M, friend of Diana M
Michael M, friend of Mary B
family and friends of Diana M
Carolyn P, friend of Mary B

*For family and friends, prayer requests will be kept on the list for four weeks. After four weeks, please complete another card.

18. Kathy H
20. Ann K
Baptismal Days
23. Timothy F
Harleigh F +March 11, 2019 (uncle of Cathy C)

What’s Happening?

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