Trinity Tidings for May 23, 2019

Trinity Tidings for May 23, 2019

This Sunday, May 26
(6th Sunday of Easter)

Holy Communion at 8:15 and 10:45

No Sunday School or Adult Education this week

Bountiful God, you gather your people into your realm, and you promise us food from your tree of life. Nourish us with your word, that empowered by your Spirit we may love one another and the world you have made, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Acts 16:9-15
Psalm 67
Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5
John 5:1-9 (Alternate)

Assisting in the Sunday Services

Acolytes: TBD
Assisting Ministers: Sarah M (8:15); Nalini A (10:45)
Children’s Chapel: TBD
Greeters: Louise G (8:15); Pam B (10:45)
Lectors: Phil D (8:15); Sabrina R (10:45)
Ushers: Ross A, Joan E (8:15); David C, Henry C (10:45)
Coffee Hour: Bill & Diana B (8:15); Miriam M, Louise G (10:45)
Altar Custodians: Marilyn G (8:15); Carol B (10:45)
Tellers: Lynn & Bud B
Bulletin Assembly: Noralyn D

Weekly Devotional

Just Listen

“Peace I leave with you” (John 14:27). If there were no other reason to love Jesus, if there were no other reason to want to be near him, if there were no other reason to think him divine, this would be enough.

Jesus is going away, and his friends and followers are afraid. They feel lost, adrift. They don’t know what they will do without him. They want to keep him near so they can hear his voice and feel the touch of his hand. But soon these opportunities will be lost to them.

Jesus speaks to their troubled hearts and to ours: Peace. So listen. Let all other voices be silenced. Turn from everything that distracts you from the voice of Jesus. Listen to one word: Peace.

Peace to the troubled places in your heart. Peace to the sadness and sorrow you carry. Peace to the anxieties you have about your life and future. Peace to the guilt or shame or regrets you bear.

Listen to the voice of the one who has gone all the way down into death and brought back nothing but life and grace, love and joy. Listen, for he tells you that the God of all creation—the one who formed you—wants this one thing for you: Peace.

You are not condemned. You are not rejected. You are not abandoned. The things you fear can and will hurt you, but they will never snatch you from the love that holds you in eternal hands. Not now. Not ever.

Jesus goes away, but he comes back to us. His Spirit abides in us, with us, among us. Always. He is as real as the person sitting next to you, as physically present as the bread and wine of the holy meal, and as warm as the hearts and hands of those soon to greet you with the word your heart craves: Peace.

Reprinted from Words for Worship, copyright 2018 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.

Calling All Graduates!

We want to celebrate with our Soon-to-Be Graduates! Please let Anita know when you are graduating, from what school and what your future plans hold. Trinity will have a celebration in your honor on Sunday, June 2.

Summer Music

We would love to hear you in worship – during the offering or Communion – during Sundays in late June, plus all of July and August.

To sign up, please see Mary B, or use the sheet on the bulletin board near the Social Hall kitchen.

Order Red Geraniums for Pentecost Sunday, June 9

I wish to order red geraniums @ $5.00 each

Given by:

In memory of: 

In honor of:

You may place your order form along with cash or check, made payable to Trinity Lutheran Church, in the flower envelope (found in the pew card racks), and place the envelope in the offering plate, mail it to the church.

Deadline for ordering is June 2.

A Ringing Thank You!

Handbell closeup photo

Many thanks from The Heavenly Handbells to all who attended our 30th annual handbell concert here on Saturday night. You made our dream come by filling the house! It was rewarding to see such a crowd after all the work we put into making this event happen. The ringers and the audience alike seemed to enjoy both the music and our fun antics. It was an enjoyable evening.

It was also exciting to see how long people stayed at the post-concert reception and chatted with one another. Of course, how could they resist the incredible selection of treats beautifully presented by Lynn and Bud B, Steve S, Susan & Kevin D, Petra T, Mike & Nancy J, and their crew of amazing helpers?! In addition to the reception, that same crew also organized and served a gourmet dinner to the performers before the concert. Many thanks to everyone who tirelessly helped for many many hours to make every aspect of this concert a success.

Special Limited-Edition Handbell Mementos Available:

We have three very special items available on The Heavenly Handbell table in the social hall. Donations are greatly appreciated:

  1. The Heavenly Handbells “Greatest Hits” CD – compiled by Steve S from ten years of recordings which he made at our concerts, 2007-2017.
  2. Cross/handbell magnets with or without a treble clef wrapped around the handbell. These are artisan-made and precision laser-cut from birchwood. They have been stained and have a three-layer clear protective finish.
  3. Assorted note cards designed and made by Nancy N.

Help Requested from Federal Employees

James T will undergo a bone marrow transplant that will keep him away from work for about 3 months. If you are interested in helping James by donating leave, please fill out an OPM 630-B form or contact your personnel office. James’ work address to put on the form is US Army Center of Military History, 102 4th Ave, Building 35, Ft McNair, DC 20319-5060.

If you have any questions, you can email James at James and his family thank you very much for your support during this difficult time.

Coffee Hour Potluck Sunday

The first Sunday of each month, we hold a potluck coffee hour. Please bring a coffee hour item to share. (last names A-L odd months, M-Z even months). We still need hosts for these Sundays as well as hosts for all our coffee hours. Sign up on the schedule on the coffee hour table or contact Lynn B.

Altar Flowers

Altar Flowers for Sunday services may be given in memory or honor of loved ones or in celebration of special anniversaries. Sunday altar flower donation is $35. Sign-up on the bulletin board near the Social Hall kitchen.

Remember in Your Prayers

our synod & bishops
: Bishops Elizabeth Eaton & Richard Graham
our missionaries: Stephen Deal & Marta Giron, Cent. America
our congregation: Trinity Church
THE NATIONS: Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Palestine, Somalia, Spain/Cataluña, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe
nursing/rehabilitation center:
Philip T (Manor Care Potomac)
Jean B, Tigist G, Susan K, Nancy N, Theodore R, James T, Chris T, Margo W
family and friends*
Ronita A, cousin of Miriam M
Peggy A, friend of Vimala P
Carolyn P, friend of Mary B
Vern W, brother-in-law of Sabrina R
Charlene Z, niece of Marilyn G

*For family and friends, prayer requests will be kept on the list for four weeks. After four weeks, please complete another card.

26. Karen T
Baptismal Days
27. Alarich L
28. Inna S
31. Hudsen S
1. Colin G
1. Luis H
Angela G (second cousin of Len S) +April 20, 2019
John W +May 19, 2019

What’s Happening?

See our online calendar for upcoming events and services at Trinity.