Trinity Tidings for June 13, 2019

Trinity Tidings for June 13, 2019

Trinity Sunday, June 16

Holy Communion at 8:15 and 10:45

Almighty Creator and ever-living God: we worship your glory, eternal Three-in-One, and we praise your power, majestic One-in-Three. Keep us steadfast in this faith, defend us in all adversity, and bring us at last into your presence, where you live in endless joy and love, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31
Psalm 8
Romans 5:1-5
John 16:12-15

Assisting in the Sunday Services

Acolytes: TBD (8:15); Anjali A (10:45)
Assisting Ministers: Jerry B (8:15); Miriam M (10:45)
Cantors: Carol B, Mary B (8:15); Mary B (10:45)
Children’s Chapel: Jane R (10:45)
Greeters: Tom M (8:15); Peggy J (10:45)
Lectors: Nancy N (8:15); Susan S (10:45)
Ushers: Thor & Nancy N (8:15); Dick & Peggy J (10:45)
Coffee Hour: Jane R, Eric S (8:15); S/T family (10:45)
Altar Custodians: Noralyn D (8:15); Carol B (10:45)
Tellers: Dick & Peggy J
Bulletin Assembly: Diana B

What’s Happening!

See our online calendar for upcoming events and services at Trinity.

From the Pastor…

Dear People of God,

Change is in the air!  On Friday and Saturday the voting members of the Metro DC Synod Assembly will be in prayer discerning who will be our next Bishop.  Bishop Graham is concluding 12 years as bishop and is retiring.  On Sunday morning I will have the name of a new bishop to share with you.  Attending the assembly from Trinity are John B, Philip D, Noralyn D, Anita S, and me.

I want you to know, too, that on Tuesday night at the regular monthly meeting of the Congregation Council, I offered the leadership a list of nine tasks that I believe are important to complete (or have substantially underway) before the Call Committee for a new pastor is formed.  My recommendations are based on member interviews, conversations, tasks identified in my Call process, as well as basic transition insights.  Here is the list of tasks, in abbreviated form. Items marked* are already substantially underway.

  • Task 1 – Continue our work to get clarity about Trinity’s mission and vision.*
  • Task 2 – Bridge the divide between various members/groups that exists within the congregation.*
  • Task 3 – Redress staff compensation inequities.
  • Task 4 – Increase member regular giving to ensure there is no deficit in 2019.
  • Task 5 – Raise awareness of the congregation’s dependence on building use income (presently more than $100k a year.)
  • Task 6 – Complete and Approve updating of the constitution and bylaws of the congregation.*
  • Task 7 – Secure the records of the congregation on site.
  • Task 8 – Hire a bookkeeper to reconcile financial data each month (under direction of the Treasurer.)
  • Task 9 – Revise and update staff job descriptions.*

The Council will continue to discuss these tasks over the summer so that we can get Trinity in the best possible position before a new pastor is called.  If you have any questions or comments about any of these, I will ask you this time to send me an email.  I don’t normally encourage email for discussion, but what I would like to do is to receive your questions and then have a time on Sunday morning to address everyone at once.

Please remember your church as you travel this summer.  Your gifts year-round make ministry possible!  If your vacation destination is in the US, I encourage you to worship in a local congregation while you are there.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be embraced by the body of Christ in a place we may never have known existed.

Pr Kern

Labyrinth Project: You Can Help!

Joshua B will be leading an Eagle Scout project to build a prayer labyrinth for Trinity this Saturday, June 15, from 9:00 am to about 4:00 pm. We’ll be working out in the large field north of the church and next to the playground. This will involve digging and laying bricks in a circular pattern.

Josh invites all Trinity members who would like to help dig and lay bricks to come for any part of the day. Lunch will be provided for volunteers. Volunteers are asked to bring work gloves, if they have some, and a personal water bottle. We will have water for refilling.

We’ve created a Sign-up Genius to help us keep track of who is coming. Sign up is at the following link:

Summer Music

We would love to hear you in worship – during the offering or Communion – during summer Sundays through August.

To sign up, please see Mary B, or use the sheet on the bulletin board near the Social Hall kitchen.

Weekly Devotional

A Promise and a Feast

Trinity Sunday, June 16, 2019

As Jesus gathers with his disciples and spends time being intentional about the life and message he will leave with them, he expresses his own will, which is also the will of the Father. Jesus says serving and loving are the same thing (John 13:14-15), love is the way people will know they are his followers (13:35), and full unity with God and each other is the divine intention for all people (17:11). And today, in John 16, Jesus makes a promise. As he calls the disciples to love and serve the world and reminds them of the difficulty of working for unity, he makes them a promise: the Spirit of truth will guide them into all the truth.

But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and will remind you of all that I said to you.

John 14:26

We who gather in worship spaces in 2019 could use a promise we know will not be broken. As we hear Christ call us to work for unity and end division, we may be feeling angst similar to the distress felt by the disciples the night their Lord washed their feet and called them to pour themselves out for the sake of the world God loves. We love Jesus and long to love according to the will of God, but it can be so strikingly difficult! We need to hear again, “The Spirit of truth… will guide you into all the truth” (John 16:13).

When will we clearly hear the Spirit? How will we know the truth when we hear it? Where will we find the strength to act upon the truth we do hear? God has called us to a feast this morning, set with wine, bread, water, word, melody, poetry, and prayer. As we pull up our feasting chairs, the Spirit will use hymns to fill in our aching places, the word to guide us, and the bread and wine broken and poured to strengthen and fill us with all truth.

Reprinted from Words for Worship, copyright 2018 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.

Coffee Hour Potluck Sundays

The first Sunday of each month, we hold a potluck coffee hour. Please bring a coffee hour item to share. (last names A-L odd months, M-Z even months). We still need hosts for these Sundays as well as hosts for all our coffee hours. Sign up on the schedule on the coffee hour table or contact Lynn B.

Altar Flowers

Altar Flowers for Sunday services may be given in memory or honor of loved ones or in celebration of special anniversaries. Sunday altar flower donation is $35. Sign-up on the bulletin board near the Social Hall kitchen.

Remember in Your Prayers

our synod & bishops: Bishops Elizabeth Eaton & Richard Graham
our missionaries: Stephen Deal & Marta Giron, Cent. America
our congregation: Trinity Church
THE NATIONS: Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Palestine, Somalia, Spain/Cataluña, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe
nursing/rehabilitation center: Philip T (Manor Care Potomac)
home: Jean B, Tigist G, Susan K, Nancy N, James T, Chris T, Margo W
family and friends*
Matthew & Dierdre, friends of Susan K
James B, father of Mary B
Parri D, friend of David K
Maria F, friend of Carol B
Nora K, mother of Jeanine B
Eric L, friend of Tom Kern & Sarah M
Barbara R & Sonny L, aunt & uncle of Sabrina R
Lindsay L, friend of David K
Charlene Z, niece of Marilyn G

*For family and friends, prayer requests will be kept on the list for four weeks. After four weeks, please complete another card.

19. Paul D
20. Maggie H
21. Miriam M
Baptismal Days
16. Philip S
16. James T
18. Alex T
18. Rebecca T
20. Ricky R