Trinity Tidings: July 25, 2019

Trinity Tidings: July 25, 2019

What’s Happening?

Worship, Spiritual Growth, Education, Service to Others, and more…
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This Sunday, July 28 (Lectionary 17)

Holy Communion at 10:00 a.m.

Almighty and ever-living God, you are always more ready to hear than we are to pray, and you gladly give more than we either desire or deserve. Pour upon us your abundant mercy. Forgive us those things that weigh on our conscience, and give us those good things that come only through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Assisting in the Sunday Services

Acolyte: Colin G
Assisting Minister: Jonah W
Cantor: Carol B
Children’s Chapel: Margaret F
Greeter: Sarah G
Lector: Miriam M
Ushers: Ross A, Tom M
Coffee Hour: Tamara & Matthew C
Altar Guild: Miriam M
Tellers: Bud & Lynn B
Bulletin Assembly: Dick J
Altar Flowers given by Rob & Dan in celebration of their sixth wedding anniversary and in memory of loved ones who’ve gone before.

This Sunday we commemorate three German-born musicians who have done much to enrich the life of the church. Heinrich Schütz (d. 1672) was an early master who focused on settings of biblical texts. Johann Sebastian Bach (d. 1750) wrote over 300 cantatas along with works for organ and instrumental pieces, and has been called the “fifth evangelist” for the way he proclaimed the gospel in music. George Frederick Handel’s (d. 1759) great work, Messiah, is a setting of scriptural texts.

From the Pastor …

Dear People of God,

On the third Sunday of each month, at 2 p.m., I go over to Bethesda Health and Rehabilitation Center along with Ross and various members of Trinity. We share the Eucharist with anywhere from 15-30 or so residents. I lead the service, offer a brief homily, distribute the sacrament, and Ross leads the music. If I’m being completely honest, 2 p.m. on most Sundays is not exactly prime time for me! But I have never, ever left that service feeling anything other than humbled and spiritually fed.

I’ve gotten to know some of the worshipers there as the months go by. One man always has a big smile, his arm extended for a handshake from his wheelchair, as he tells me how good it is to see us. To see me! To see the folks from Trinity! How remarkable. We go to share God’s love and find that God’s love is already there to greet us.

When I look out over that little assembly, it occurs to me that the room is full of stories. Of little children who once laughed and ran to their mothers; of teenage youth who dreamed big, audacious dreams because no one told them not to; of young adults who struggled and laughed as they tried to build a life; of mature adults to whom life was not kind, in many cases debilitating, robbing them of the tangible and intangible things that make a life. How is this possible, I ask myself, even as I banish the heretical impulse to justify my own life, as though somehow I deserve the life I have. I marvel at the staff and the caregivers who do so much more than a job. I fully expect they will have seats of honor in the courts of heaven.

On Sunday, our gospel will bring us an early text of the Lord’s Prayer. Have you ever noticed that it is written in the plural? Not “my” Father, but “our” Father; not “give me” but “give us.” We never prayer this prayer alone. By the time our voices reach the ears of heaven they joined with a symphony of voices in a rising, unified chorus – the poor, the rich, the well, the ill, every color and every tongue. Over at Health & Rehab, even some of the most silent souls begin to move their lips as we begin to pray, Our Father… In that moment, all that divides us, all the distinctions we are so convinced matter, fall away. God listens. As the children pray, together.

Pr. Kern

AC – After Church

This week’s topic: Wasting Time

Linger for a bit (20-30 minutes) after church with Pr. Kern each week this July for conversation on various topics related to transition and the future. Sessions begin about 10 minutes after the postlude is over.

Help Needed for Dinner at Women’s Shelter

On Sunday, August 4, Trinity will serve dinner for 35 women at the Interfaith Works Women’s Center in Rockville. If you would like to contribute to the meal, please see the sign-up sheet in the social hall or contact Kathy T. We also need a few people who can help serve the meal that evening. Thank you!

School Supplies for Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

Throughout the summer, we are collecting supplies to prepare school kits for LWR. On God’s Work Our Hands Sunday, September 8, we will assemble the school kits during an Intergenerational Sunday School.

Response has been great so far. Let’s keep that momentum going!

Updated list of items still needed to achieve our goal of 200 kits:

  • [671] 70-sheet notebooks of wide- or college-ruled paper approximately 8″ X 10.5″ (no loose-leaf paper)
  • [156] 30-centimeter rulers, or rulers with centimeters on one side, inches on the other
  • [146] Blunt scissors
  • [157] Unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers
  • [657] Black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink)
  • [143] Box of 16 or 24 crayons
  • [126] 2.5″ eraser

Please note: LWR asks that all kit items be new and have no religious symbols, messages, or patriotic or military symbols. Please contact Kathy T or Anita S with any questions.

2nd Quarter Statements Available

Giving statements for the 2nd Quarter are available. You may pick up yours in the Social Hall on Sunday.

Living Faith Everyday

LIFE Class (Living in Faith Everyday), a Trinity favorite, is back!  Each Sunday this summer from 9:00-9:45 in the Library, we’ll read through the following week’s lectionary and discuss how the readings touch our lives.  Each class is self-contained, just come as you are able and join the discussion.

Chrismon-Making Class in August

Trinity will have a new 15-foot Christmas tree this December, and we plan to decorate it with beaded Chrismons as symbols of our faith.

Carol Bruno and Sabrina Rufty will offer a Chrismon-making class on Saturday, August 3, at 10 a.m. (Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee provided!) To ensure we have enough kits, please preregister with Carol. If you cannot attend in August but would like to take a future class in September, let Carol know your available dates.

Not crafty but still want to take part? You may make a donation to Trinity (indicate Chrismons on the envelope), perhaps in honor or in memory of someone who helped you on your faith journey.

(For more information, see article in the July-August Trinitarian.)

Remember in Your Prayers

our synod & bishops: Bishops Elizabeth Eaton & Richard Graham 
our missionaries: Stephen Deal & Marta Giron, Cent. America 
our congregation: Trinity Church 
THE NATIONS: Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Liberia, Libya, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Palestine, Somalia, Spain/Cataluña, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe 
nursing/rehabilitation center: Philip T (Manor Care Potomac) 
home: Tigist G, Susan K, James T, Chris T
family and friends*
Peggy A, friend of Vimala P
Eric L, friend of Thomas K & Sarah M
Susan T, mother of Leslie C
Steve W, friend of Thor & Nancy N

*For family and friends, prayer requests will be kept on the list for four weeks. After four weeks, please complete another card.

7/31. Jerry B
8/2. Carol B

Wedding Anniversaries
7/27. Dan & Rob S
7/28. Scott M & Meredith S
8/3. Thor & Nancy N

Coffee Hour Potluck Sundays

The first Sunday of each month, we hold a potluck coffee hour. Please bring a coffee hour item to share. (last names A-L odd months, M-Z even months). We still need hosts for these Sundays as well as hosts for all our coffee hours. Sign up on the schedule on the coffee hour table or contact Lynn B.

Altar Flowers

Altar Flowers for Sunday services may be given in memory or honor of loved ones or in celebration of special anniversaries. Sunday altar flower donation is $35. Sign-up on the bulletin board near the Social Hall kitchen.