Trinity Tidings Apr 2, 2020

From Pastor Kern

Dear Trinity Family,
How are you doing?  I hope that you and those you love are safe.  I have heard so many good stories about people staying connected and being encouraging.  I heard from two members about their personal outreach to other members, especially the homebound.  The Sunday morning Zoom session on the Ministry Site Profile (Call documents) is lively and energetic – by my count more than 30 members of Trinity weighed in last Sunday.  And even though staff is working from home, we’ve developed some pretty creative ways to generate videos, emails, and even the Tidings.
This good news is tempered, of course, by the increasingly challenging news of the pandemic.  The first day the deaths in America were over 500 I had to sit down for a minute when I heard the news.  When the toll was over 800 all I could think to say was, Lord, have mercy.  Count me among those who believe we will get through this to a better day!  But count me also among those who are becoming convinced that our lives will likely not be just like they were.
When it comes to remembering that a future is coming, allow me to plant a seed in the Trinity mindset.  It seems likely that retail, education, healthcare, and more will come out of this pandemic looking different than they did before.  What about church?  We all look forward to gathering together again, but are we learning things during this time that might help the congregation move into the new normal more effectively?  Or do we just want to try and put everything back together the way it was?  We have already discovered we can meet differently, connect differently, worship differently – not that any of that is necessarily an improvement! – but it does seem to indicate that the church might want to carry some of these skills forward into whatever comes next.  Could one possible result of this time be the beginnings of a reinvention of church for the 21st century?  I wonder how God will use this time in our life together?
Thank you for being part of Trinity.  Thank you for all of your support, especially for the continued outreach to feed and care for some of the least of our community.  Are there other, creative ways Trinity can make a difference in the lives of people in need?  
Pr Kern

April Trinitarian

Here is a link to the April Trinitarian:


During this time of social distancing, we will be recording a service on YouTube, and posting it on Saturday evening. We hope that this gives you a moment of prayer and peace in this strange time.

Last weeks recording can be found HERE.

Angela’s Wednesday Musical Meditation can be found HERE.

Isaiah 50:4-9a
Psalm 31:9-16
Philippians 2:5-11
Matthew 26:14—27:66


We will be emailing devotions and resources for Sunday School at home on Fridays, including Anita’s Time for ALL Children.

In preparation for Palm Sunday, we encourage you to make your own palm. You can cut one out of green paper, or you can color one. A downloadable palm to color can be found HERE.


Trinity Help
The Social Ministry Committee is resurrecting Trinity Help. Trinity Help is the ministry of providing care for those who call Trinity their faith home. We are looking for people who would be willing to provide meals, and/or in our current time of social distancing, make grocery runs for essentials. If you are interested in helping out with this ministry, please email Valerie M. For more details, please see the article in the forthcoming April Trinitarian.

Thank you for your offering. Your gifts make the ministry of Trinity possible. Electronic giving may be available through your bank or financial institution. Offerings mailed to the church office will be promptly deposited.

From the President… 
Trinity will be adhering to the Maryland Governor’s stay home order for as long as it is in place. Given that reality, I have a question. What do you think about potentially holding a congregational meeting via the Zoom platform (which includes phone only capabilities for those without computers)? It goes without saying that the appropriate structures would need to be in place to support such a meeting – plenty of advance notice, assurance that all members can hear and be heard, voting controls, good instructions, and lots of opportunities to test ahead of time. If I can’t assure those we won’t do it.  Please contact me (Sarah G at or 703-870-8149) and let me know what you think and what your concerns are.  And thanks to those who have already provided their thoughts on the question!

Again this Sunday at 9:30am the Council will continue its discussion of Trinity’s Ministry Site Profile (MSP). Since we can’t be together physically, we will do this virtually via the Zoom platform.
Please contact Sarah G @ 703-870-8149 or via to receive an invitation to join the discussion. If you participated last week not to worry you’re already on the guest list.
Q: Do I need to sign up for a Zoom account to participate?
A: You do not!
Q: What if I want to say something during the discussion?
A: If you “raise your hand” the host (Sarah G) will see it and call on you.
Q: How do I raise my hand to say something?
A: To raise your hand if you are participating via phone only, press *9. To raise your hand, via the web, look for “Raise Hand” on the participant controls bar. You may have to click the three little dots on the far right to see the “Raise Hand” option.
Q: How do I mute my connection?
A: All participants will be muted upon entry to reduce connection noise/echo. At around 9:30am she will do a bit of a roll call and unmute individual lines so folks can say hello to the group!
Q: I’d like to get this setup ahead of time. Who can help me?
A: Sarah G can! Please reach out to her at 703-870-8149 or
Q: What if I get dropped or something goes wrong?
A: Please try to connect again! And please be patient as we work out the kinks of this new normal. Thanks!

Remember in Your Prayers

nursing/rehabilitation center:
Philip T (Manor Care Potomac)
Tigist G, James T, Margo W
family and friends:
Chuck B, son of Diana &Bill B
Joanne B, sister-in-law of Mary B & David K
Brian B, Trinity Admin Assistant
Betty C, sister of Joe C
Steve & Wilma G, friends of Valerie & Mike
Donald K, brother of Susan K
Doris L, mother of Karen L (Trinity Friend)
Evelyn R, aunt of Donna S