Trinity Tidings July 16, 2020

From Pastor Kern

Dear People of God,
Paul writes in his letter to the Corinthians that faith, hope, and love abide….but the greatest of these is love.  Do you think that’s true?  Before you answer, let me ask the question another way.  Is there any relationship or circumstance you can think of that is not made better by love?
On the night he was betrayed Jesus washed the disciple’s feet and told them, I’m giving you a new commandment that you love one another.  He didn’t tell us to have faith in one another (we will always let one another down, sooner or later.)  He didn’t tell us to have hope in one another (disappointment is always near.)  No, he told us to love one another because that we can do and it’s the only thing that can reconcile us to each other when faith is broken and hope is disappointed.  The only thing.
The future of our lives, the lives of our families, depends on love.The future of community, county, state, nation, and world depends on love.The future of Trinity depends on love.
I have faith and I hope with every fiber of my being that the peoples of this earth will take action to heal our planet.  I have faith and hope that our nation will soon see a new generation of political leaders with moral bearing and principled courage.  I have hope and faith that Trinity will soon elect new leadership (council and call committee, etc) and that together, they will lead the congregation into a new season of its life.  And I know that all of you do too.  But only our love for one another, will usher in the new day we all long for.

Pastor Kern


It’s been a while since we’ve updated our list of members who have keys to Trinity.  Do you have a key to any Trinity doors?  Two things: 1st – if you have a key and are not presently serving in a capacity where you are using the key for ministry, would you mind returning it to the office?  2nd – if you have a key and need it for ministry please send an email to so we can keep you on the updated list. Please include which key you have. It should be stamped on the key.  With the presence of children in the building 5 days a week, it’s important for liability reasons that we keep an accurate list of keyholders.  Thanks for your help!

Congregational Meeting Information

Trinity will be holding two congregational meetings at the end of July:
The first meeting on July 25 at 10am in the Trinity Main Parking Lot will allow Trinity to update its constitution to allow for virtual meetings. 
The second meeting on July 26 at 12 noon will be the semi-annual meeting online via Zoom (rescheduled from May 2020) with the primary task of electing Congregation Council members, Mission Endowment Fund committee members, Nominating Committee members, and Call Committee members. All members are requested to attend via computer link or by telephone. The Zoom link and telephone number are posted in this month’s Trinitarian.


During this time of social distancing, we are recording our worship services and posting them on YouTube on Saturdays.

The recording for last Sunday’s worship service is HERE.

Angela and Ross are working on a virtual choir, and ALL are invited to participate! Instructions are at this LINK. The deadline to participate is July 17.

Readings for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 44:6-8
Psalm 86:11-17
Romans 8:12-25
Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43


Christmas in July is Saturday, July 25th!

While we can’t work together making Chrismons for the tree in the social hall, kits will be available for you to pick up the day we gather in the parking lot for the congregational meeting. There will be 25 kits of each kind…beaded Chrismons and painted Chrismons. These were designed so our younger children can complete them successfully with only some assistance.

We will email Faith Formation resources on Friday Afternoons.

Adult Forum on Zoom
David K will be continuing to host the Adult Forum. Currently, we are working through the Parables. This week will be the last week for the Parables. To participate, please send David an email at before Sunday, and he will email you a Zoom invitation.


Social Ministry Team to Organize Quarterly Dinner for Interfaith Works Women’s Center 
On Sunday August 2 Trinity’s Social Ministry Team will organize a dinner for Interfaith Works Women’s Center in Rockville, feeding approximately 30 women. Given COVID guidelines, we will not be able to serve the food, but will simply drop off the meal at dinner time.
Our menu will feature Mediterranean grilled chicken and we need volunteers to provide vegetable pasta salad (recipe will be provided), iced tea, watermelon and brownies. Please sign up to help through this secure link: When you click on the link, it will indicate how many of each item is needed. Select the item you’d like to bring, click on “Submit and Sign Up”, and on the next screen you can select the quantity and your name and email. Items need to be dropped off to Trinity or Margaret F’s house by noon on August 2. If you have questions, please contact Margaret at 301-309-6941 or
God’s Work, Our Hands, 
Social Ministry Team

Food Drive to Benefit Living Faith Food Pantry

Trinity will hold a second Food Drive to benefit Living Faith Food Pantry on July 25 at 9:30 am (in conjunction with the Special Congregational Meeting)  in the Main Trinity Parking Lot. Items especially in need are: 
Cereal (kids’ favorites)
Shelf stable milk (whole if possible)
Rice (1-2 lb. pkg)
Black/pinto beans (canned and dried)
Canned tomatoes
Canned meat/fish (chicken, tuna, ham, salmon, Spam)
Canned fruit
Bath soap
Toilet paper
If you can’t shop but would like to contribute, you may send a check directly:
Living Faith Lutheran Church
1605 Veirs Mill Road,
Rockville, MD 20851
(Please put ‘Food pantry’ in the memo line)
More information: Email

COVID-19 Response: Congregational Giving Challenge UPDATE; Great Start, Let’s Finish Strong! While COVID-19 has changed many things, it has not changed the generosity of Trinity members. In June the Social Ministry Team challenged the Congregation to raise $4,500 by the end of July to match the Congregations’ annual benevolence budget; doubling our support to hunger needs in the local community. Through the end of June $4,000 has been raised toward the goal.  There are two more weeks to get your donations in towards this effort.  As a reminder, when sending a check made out to Trinity, please note “Social Ministry Match” on your envelope under “Other”. The Social Ministry Team is thankful for all the support towards helping those in need.

Thank you for your offering. Your gifts make the ministry of Trinity possible. Electronic giving may be available through your bank or financial institution. Offerings mailed to the church office will be promptly deposited.

Remember in Your Prayers

nursing/rehabilitation center:
Philip T (Manor Care Potomac)
Tigist G, James T, Margo W 
family and friends*:
Brian B, former Trinity Admin Assistant
Eric L, friend of Sarah M & Tom K
Joel N, friend of Valerie & Mike M
Family of Charla P, friends of Nancy N
first responders:
Vicky C, friend of Valerie & Mike M
Paul M, son of Valerie & Mike M
Lisbeth N-D
Greta S & Linda A, sister & sister-in-law of Anita S
Vanessa B, friend of Elizabeth & Ben R
Andrew S, brother of Elizabeth R
*Family and friends will be kept on the list for four weeks. Please submit a request to the Church Office to extend them another four weeks.