Trinity Tidings June 10, 2021

From Pastor Christine

As many of you know, June is Pride Month. A time we intentionally set aside to honor, affirm, and advocate for our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (and in some cases, “questioning”), intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) siblings. The “+” is for a plethora of other orientations and identities. Years ago Trinity Lutheran identified itself as a Reconciling in Christ congregation, which means we have explicitly chosen to welcome and affirm people of “all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions” and we commit ourselves to racial equity.

To really boil it down: We take Jesus’ commandment to love one another very seriously, both in terms of how we express love and care; and we recognize all the varied expressions of love, sexuality, and identity that comes with being made in the image of God. 

There’s a lot more to be said on this topic, but I wanted to share with you one small worship tweak we will be making during the month of June: we will be using the Inclusive Bible translation for our readings. The translators intent is to free the text from sexist language, gender bias, and social stereotyping. The translators relied on the original Hebrew and Greek and do more than just play around with pronouns. I think you’ll find that it reads smoothly and beautifully. 

I will, however, be honest. The Inclusive Bible was published in 2007 and language and understandings continue to evolve, so it may not be as reflective of our current understandings as I would like, but it is a start. As you may have heard me say recently in a sermon: our words and how we use them matter. I hope you’ll listen and reflect with an open mind. 

Happy Pride Month!
Deep peace and joy,
Pastor Christine

Summer Kick-Off Fun June 19!

Please plan on joining us ice cream, activities, and fellowship! Between 11am-1pm, an ice cream truck will be available in our parking lot with a choice of goodies (at no cost). Games and labyrinth activities will also be available. At 12:00 noon Anita will host story time for children. Additionally, this date is our regularly scheduled Living Faith Food Pantry collection day (9am-noon). We’re doing a ‘flash drive’ and setting a high goal of collecting 500 items on a single date! So, please bring non-perishables with you when you come and let’s see how full we can make the pantry shelves! We hope you’ll come and rekindle your relationships with each other, and get to know folks you may not know well. 

Weekly Music Meditation

Please enjoy this weeks Music Meditation HERE!

Traffic Alert!

Construction at the corner of Old Georgetown Rd and Executive Blvd has created a long term road closure at that intersection. HERE is a map of the detour from Montgomery County.

Pastor’s Office Hours

Pastor Christine continues to hold regular office hours. If you would like to speak with her either via zoom, phone, or in-person, please contact her at: You may also utilize the sign-up form found here, which has added slots.

June Trinitarian Now Available

View it here!


Join us for Worship this Sunday!

The mustard seed becomes a great shrub that shelters the birds, recalling ancient images of the tree of life. We’d expect a cedar or a sequoia, but Jesus finds the power of God better imaged in a tiny, no-account seed. It’s not the way we expect divine activity to look. Yet the tree of life is here, in the cross around which we gather, the tree into which we are grafted through baptism, the true vine that nourishes us with its fruit in the cup we share. It may not appear all that impressive, but while nobody’s looking it grows with a power beyond our understanding.

Worship Updates

Come to LIVE Communion worship in the parking lot on Sundays at 10am (signup is necessary HERE or through the church office). We will still offer our YouTube recorded service, which will include: music, full sermon, children’s message, and Holy Communion in extraordinary circumstances. We hope to continue this plan through the summer, with the hopes of implementing live-stream capabilities, so that we can have indoor worship services when it is safe to do so. 

Virtual Services, along with Music Meditations and Faith Formation videos, are broadcast on YouTube each week at

Worship Assistants Needed!

In order for our services each Sunday to run smoothly, we need your help! Please contact the church office or sign up HERE to be Parking Lot Greeter (to direct cars and to give handouts), Communion Distributor, or Lector/Prayer Leader.

Readings for this Sunday
Ezekiel 17:22-24
Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15
Corinthians 5:6-10 [11-13] 14-17
Mark 4:26-34


Adult Forum | Sundays | 11:30 am- 12:30 pm

Join us Sunday morning for an exploration of peace, violence and non-violence in the context of our Christian faith and calling.  How can Jesus life and ministry help us understand peace: peace with ourselves, peace within our families and communities, peace between regions and countries.  Let’s journey together on Jesus’ path of peace!  If you are interested in getting the Zoom link for the meetings, contact the Trinity office. Please join us!

NEW! Reclaiming Jesus Podcast Conversations

Here are details for the first 2 sessions. We are not going in order, so be sure to find the correct episodes for each week. Some podcasts number them, some don’t, so check the titles. If you wish to read the condensed statement that many clergy signed, the link is in last week’s Tidings. The link below is to one carrier of the podcasts. Bring a picnic dinner and meet at the benches near the labyrinth.

Wednesday, June 16 | 7:00pm
The Image Question & The Neighbor Question (#8 & #9)
Statement confession parts I & II.

Wednesday, June 23 | 7:00pm
The Power Question & The Caesar Question (#6 & #4)
Statement confession part V.


Food Collections June 19!

Right before the Summer Kickoff we will be hosting the Food Collection for Living Faith Pantry 9 am-11 am
The demand for food assistance remains high at the Living Faith pantry in Rockville. They continue to distribute food to over 100 families each week. 

Please help Trinity continue its active support of Living Faith’s pantry during these difficult economic times.

Date: Saturday, June 19, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Where: Trinity Lutheran Church, 11200 Old Georgetown Rd. 
North Bethesda 20852 (main parking lot) 
More info: Kathy at 301-675-6987 or email

Critical Food Needs 

(Note: this month the pantry has a special need for cooking oil.)

Cold cereal (kids’ favorites)
Shelf stable milk (whole if possible)
Black/pinto beans (canned)
Canned tomatoes (whole if possible)
Canned vegetables (corn very popular) 
Canned fruit
**Cooking oil 
Jam/jelly (strawberry very popular)
Canned meat/fish (chicken, tuna, ham, salmon, Spam)

If you can’t be there but would like to help, you may send a check directly to
Living Faith Lutheran Church (1605 Veirs Mill Road, Rockville, MD 20851) Please note ‘food pantry’ in the memo line. The pantry very much appreciates cash donations which allow them to fill in any food gaps.

From Our Guest Pastor: Request for letters to CSD Community

It’s more important than ever that our Community of St Dysmas siblings feel connected to the larger church they are a part of. We’ve been asking Lutherans and ecumenical partners to submit notes to our office that we can mail to individuals who are a part of the CSD family. In these difficult times, these letters are quite literally a God-send for them. If you or anyone in your congregation would like to write a note, here are the guidelines for writing: 

1. Use only white or plain lined notebook paper. No stationary or greeting cards. Notes can be handwritten or printer generated. 
2. Blue or black ball point pen, no color or markers. Line drawings are fine but no color. 
3. Greeting should be generic such as “Dear friend in faith,” “Hello my sibling in Christ,” etc.
4. Do not give identifiers such as your name, location, etc., but please say what church you are from. This helps our people know they are part of the larger church. 
5. Generic messages of encouragement, Bible verses or prayers in the body of the note are very much appreciated. 
6. Sign with a term such as “Your friend in Christ,” “A fellow Lutheran,” A sister/brother in faith,” etc. 

Please send the letters to our office: and we will distribute them to the members. 
Community of St Dysmas 
905 Frederick Rd 
Catonsville, Md 21228 

Or e mail them to: 
On behalf of our Community of St Dysmas folks, thank you so much!

Thanks to all who supported the Social Ministry Team’s May “Shower” diaper collection for the Greater DC Diaper Bank. 

We exceed our goal of 3,000 diapers, collecting just short of 3,500 diapers!  God’s Work Our Hands!

Montgomery County Young Adults Mini Golf | June 27 | 1:30 pm

Come join Young Adults (those in their 20s and 30s) from Good Shepherd, Prince of Peace, and Christ the Servant to play mini golf at Bohrer Park in Gaithersburg on Sunday, June 27 at 1:30 pm. After, we will have Rita’s ice! Please bring $5 cash (total cost for mini golf and Rita’s). Let Kelly Stief ( know you’re coming by Sunday, June 20, so we can order enough Rita’s. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Out of Office

This week (June 7th – 14th) Pastor Christine will be on vacation (backpacking the Appalachian Trail). She will not have access to email or phone. In the event of an emergency, please contact the office and they will put you in touch with Pastor Steve Buechler, who will be on call during her absence.
Pastor Susan Beck will be leading us in worship. She is the chaplain with The Community of Saint Dysmas, which is the Lutheran community within the Maryland State Correctional System. Please welcome her!


Thank you for your offerings. At present, we support donations through PayPal. We are currently exploring our options to provide you multiple options for online giving. See details HERE.

Remember in your prayers

We are grateful that people have been lifting up our members and friends in prayer during Zoom gatherings. Please also call the office at 301-881-7275 or email to add them to the list below.

nursing/rehabilitation center:
Philip T, Manor Care Potomac
Martha R, Bethesda Health & Rehab

Tigist G, Billie J, Margo W

family and friends*
Lonnie B, friend of Carol B
Brian B, former Trinity Admin
Alice I, friend of Carol B
Col. Kelly K, friend of Len S
Family of Kumari K., sister of Vimala P
Rob R, friend of Margaret & Greg F
Dave L, friend of Mike M
Anne L, friend of Susan S
Juan Sosa G, brother of Ani Sosa G

first responders
Vicky C, friend of Valerie & Mike M
Paul M, son of Valerie & Mike M
Lisbeth N-D
Greta S & Linda A, sister & sister-in-law of Anita S
Vanessa B, friend of Elizabeth & Ben R
Andrew S, brother of Elizabeth R

*For family and friends, prayer requests will be kept on the list for four weeks.  After four weeks, please complete another card/call the office.