Trinity Tidings Sept. 10, 2020

From Pastor Kern

Dear People of God,
Have we stopped listening to each other?
Chances are, if we get our news from Fox, we probably don’t know the channel of MSNBC, and vice versa.  If we think the pandemic is over-hyped by the media, hearing that nearly 200,000 Americans have died from the virus likely won’t change our mind.  If we believe that only Christians baptized in our own tradition are welcome at communion, it’s doubtful any theological treatise will change our mind. And don’t even mention the right way the toilet paper is supposed to fall off the roll!  Sadly, we live in a world where every choice we make and every opinion we offer is watched, most likely electronically recorded, and factored into an algorithm so that we are sure to see opinions, sales, reports, and videos that reflect our original choice.  Hear a point of view we don’t like?  Switch the channel.  See something we don’t like? Take it to Twitter.  Ours is not an age for discernment.
Recently I read that if I genuinely want to listen and be heard, I must make a commitment to the possibility that the encounter might change me.  In the gospels there are places where Jesus uses the word ‘listen’ and the meaning in the text is that if we truly listen, we will do something in response – repent, believe, help, etc.  Remember when an adult in your life upbraided you as a child? “Didn’t you listen to me?”  They weren’t asking about our sense of hearing.  They were asking why we hadn’t heard what was said in a way that changed or moved us, or caused us to respond in an obvious way. 
Remember that the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy.  We don’t usually get angry with people or events we know nothing about.  When we stop listening, we are being actively apathetic.  The world may embrace Jesus or reject him, but no one can ever say he was apathetic.  He was always loving, even when he was angry and/or when others were angry with him.  I wonder if we can learn to listen like that?
Pr Kern

Parking Lot Service

Continuing this Sunday the 13th, we will be worshipping LIVE at 6pm in the parking lot. Bring a mask and a lounge chair from home or sit in your car. Due to county restrictions, only 50 people will be able to participate. In case of rain, the service will be cancelled.
Please use the link HERE  to indicate if you will be attending Trinity’s parking lot worship Sunday the 13th. When replying, count all members of your household who will be attending (no need for members to reply individually). An account is not required but is free and only needs an email and password. Should you have any questions about Sign-Up Genius, please contact Valerie M (
If you prefer to RSVP by email or phone, please contact the office at Trinity ( or 301-881-7275).
Virtual services, Faith Formation resources, and musical meditations will continue to be posted on Trinity’s YouTube channel each week: (and subscribe!)


In addition to our parking lot service, we will be publishing our worship videos on Saturdays. The link to last Sunday’s service is HERE.

Readings for the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Genesis 50:15-21
Psalm 103: [1-7] 8-13
Romans 14:1-12
Matthew 18:21-35


Adult Forum on Zoom
David K will continue a study on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1 – 7:29) for the next few Sundays at 9:30 am.  Please email David for the Zoom link.

“The Sermon on the Mount brings together a lot of Jesus’ moral and ethical teachings in one place and I’ve never spent more than a session on it as part of a larger study of the book of Matthew.  So what I’m planning is a deeper dive into the part of Jesus’ teaching that makes us squirm and explore what it’s saying to us today.”

Between Goodness and Grace: A New Wednesday Zoom Study with Pastor Kern – Postponed

The Wednesday Bible Study is being rescheduled for Wednesdays in October. Please mark your calendars now, and we will provide details later this month.

Trinity Film Series
A Look at Racism Through Film Series Postponed

Using three important films, participants will view movies at home, then discuss them on Thursdays. We are rescheduling the discussions for October 1, 15, and 29. We will provide details of the Zoom address and more at a later date.

We will email Faith Formation resources on Friday Afternoons.


Social Ministry Updates

September 19 — Food Collection to Benefit the Pantry at Living Faith Lutheran Church, Rockville

Pastor Sandra Shaw and the Living Faith community have expressed how much they appreciate the food we have provided for their pantry over these past months. Pastor Sandra stated, “There is absolutely no way we could be doing this ministry and feeding this many people without the help of Trinity. I shared that in a meeting this past week with the Bishop. This partnership is making a very big difference in the lives of a lot of people who are struggling to feed their families.”
Thank you, Trinity, for your generous support of this important endeavor!
Living Faith food pantry serves families in the Twinbrook area and other parts of Rockville who do not have enough to eat. The demand for their services has increased fourfold since the pandemic began. Please help us stock their pantry by participating in our monthly food drives on the third Saturday of each month. 
Next drive: Saturday, September 19  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
More info: Kathy at 301-675-6987 or Email
If you cannot shop but would like to help, you may send a check directly to:
Living Faith Lutheran Church, 1605 Veirs Mill Rd Rockville, MD 20851
(please note ‘Food pantry’ in memo line.)
Food/personal care items needed:
Cereal (kids’ favorites)
Shelf stable milk (whole if possible)
Rice (1-2 lb. pkg)
Black/pinto beans (canned and dried)
Canned tomatoes
Canned meat/fish (chicken, tuna, ham, salmon, Spam)
Canned fruit
Bath soap
Toilet paper
$10 or $20 Giant gift cards (NEW)

Are You A Thrivent Member? If you have a Thrivent IRA, investment account, credit union account, loan, insurance policy, etc., then you are a Thrivent member.  Thrivent members are entitled to apply for a $250 Thrivent Action Grant twice a year, associate members are entitled to one.  These grants help finance special service projects.  Trinity has received these grants through some of our Trinity Thrivent members to help fund projects such as Lutheran World Relief school kits, personal hygiene kits, and other Social Ministry and Youth Ministry projects.  Trinity is working to assemble a list of our Thrivent members so their memberships can facilitate applying for grants for future projects.  Please notify the Trinity office if you are a Thrivent member so Carol can add you to the list.  If you have any questions about the Thrivent Action Grants, Anita S and Valerie M have applied for and used these grants for projects and would be glad to answer your questions. 

Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) is a ministry of the ELCA that partners with local organizations where disasters are happening all over the world. 100% of the money given to LDR goes for aid.

LWR has partners in Beirut, areas of refugee crisis, California (wildfires), and in the path of Hurricane Laura.
If you are able, please consider giving to Lutheran Disaster Response. Once there, you can choose if you would like to specify where the money will go, or choose “where needed most.” Even as we face multiple crises, by working together, we can reflect Christ’s light and hope to our neighbors in their time of need.

Thank you for your offering. Your gifts make the ministry of Trinity possible. Electronic giving may be available through your bank or financial institution. Offerings mailed to the church office will be promptly deposited.

Remember in your prayers

nursing/rehabilitation center:
Philip T (Manor Care Potomac)
Paul D’A, Tigist G, Elizabeth R, James T, Margo W 
family and friends*:
Brian B, former Trinity Admin Assistant
Glennon D, brother of loved one of Donna S 
Tony F, friend of Jerry B
Paul G, husband of Louise G

Dave K, Sr, father of David K
Lucretia L, sister-in-law of friend of Trinity 
first responders:
Vicky C, friend of Valerie & Mike M
Paul M, son of Valerie & Mike M
Lisbeth N-D
Greta S & Linda A, sister & sister-in-law of Anita S
Vanessa B, friend of Elizabeth & Ben R
Andrew S, brother of Elizabeth R

*Family and friends will be kept on the list for four weeks. Please submit a request to the Church Office to extend them another four weeks.