Wednesday Music Meditation April 21, 2021

Hello Trinity Family,

Happy Earth Day! This Sunday, we will have a special recorded service provided by Lutherans Restoring Creation. To celebrate, this week I offer a hymn from All Creation Sings that focuses on all the creatures of God’s creation (and provided inspiration for the name of our hymnal supplement!) I hope you enjoy this fun hymn, ACS #1064, Earth is Full of Wit and Wisdom.
The link to the video is HERE.
The full hymn text is as follows: 
Earth is full of wit and wisdom,
sounding God’s delighted laugh,
from the tiny roly-poly
to the treetop-tall giraffe.
All creation sings in wonder;
even rocks and trees rejoice
as they join the ringing chorus:
echoes of our Maker’s voice.

Earth is full of wit and wisdom,
woven into harmony.
Ev’ry creature has a purpose,
ev’ry flow’r and bumblebee.
Spider, human, redwood, gecko,
monkey, chicken, mouse, and snake
live within a single fabric:
cloth that only God could make.

Earth is full of wit and wisdom:
penguin, platypus, and snail,
cactus, sea slug, oak, and algae,
from the microbe to the whale.
In this great and strange creation,
with a breath God gives us birth:
born of soil to live as stewards,
called to love and serve the earth.