Wednesday Music Meditation October 21, 2020

(Apologies. I was having technical issues getting this edited and up on Wednesday. – Anita)

Hello Trinity Family,
Church holidays are always exciting, busy times. I love meeting, rehearsing, making music, and everything that special occasions entail. However, to keep myself going I always need to take time by myself to recharge. This week I have spent and will spend countless hours arranging, recording and editing. This is in addition to taking online classes and getting ready to begin as a teacher’s assistant at a new school. This morning I stole a few moments to play piano in the sanctuary, accompanying my own prayers for peace and health. Today’s offering is “Steal Away” arranged by Lloyd Larson.
The link to the video is HERE.
Here is the hymn text for your reflection:
Steal away, steal away,
Steal away to Jesus!
Steal away, steal away home,
I ain’t got long to stay here.