Weekly Music Meditation April 8, 2021

Hello Trinity Family,

For this Easter season, our music meditations will be a bit different. Every week I will sing a different hymn from our new hymnal supplement All Creation Sings. This week’s hymn is “Faith Begins By Letting Go” (ACS #1004). The link to the video is HERE.
The full hymn text is below.

Faith begins by letting go,
giving up what had seemed sure,
taking risks and pressing on,
though the way feels less secure:
pilgrimage both right and odd,
trusting all our life to God.

Faith endures by holding on,
keeping mem’ry’s roots alive
so that hope may bear its fruit;
promise-fed, our souls will thrive,
not through merit we possess
but by God’s great faithfulness.

Faith matures by reaching out,
stretching minds, enlarging hearts,
sharing struggles, living prayer,
binding up the broken parts;
till we find the commonplace
ripe with witness to God’s grace.