Weekly Music Meditation June 23, 2021

Hello Trinity Family,

For this week’s meditation, I wanted to share a new hymn of healing from All Creation Sings, “When Memory Fades” #1081. This upcoming Sunday, we will hear about two of Jesus’ healing miracles. When I hear these short stories, I often feel a disconnect between the emotions presented and the emotions I have felt during times of personal healing. This hymn captures the nuances of experiencing hurt, healing, and faith. The lyrics center around an affliction that has affected many of our elderly loved ones, dementia. The link to the video is HERE.

1 When mem’ry fades and recognition falters,
when eyes we love grow dim, and minds, confused,
speak to our souls of love that never alters;
speak to our hearts by pain and fear abused.
O God of life and healing peace, empow’r us
with patient courage, by your grace infused.

2 As frailness grows, and youthful strengths diminish
in weary arms, which worked their earnest fill,
your aging servants labor now to finish
their earthly tasks, as fits your myst’ry’s will.
We grieve their waning, yet rejoice, believing
your arms, unwearied, shall uphold us still.

3 Within your Spirit, goodness lives unfading.
The past and future mingle into one.
All joys remain, unshadowed light pervading.
No valued deed will ever be undone.
Your mind enfolds all finite acts and off’rings.
Held in your heart, our deathless life is won!