Weekly Music Meditation May 13, 2021

Hello Trinity Family,
Happy Ascension Thursday! While we have moved our official celebration of this day to Sunday, May 16th, today I want to offer a special Ascension musical offering. Much like the apostles in these ten days between the Ascension and Pentecost, during the pandemic, our staff has experienced the loneliness of ministry in front of an empty sanctuary into the camera. We are looking forward to transitioning into live-streaming worship. To demonstrate how technology can aid our efforts to create meaningful live worship experiences, the accompaniment for today’s meditation has both prerecorded and live components. The members of the Heavenly Handbells have prerecorded individual hand chime rings which I have programmed into a midi controller. As I sing today’s hymn, ACS 943 As the Wind Song, I am playing these recordings to create the accompaniment. While someday we will enjoy the Heavenly Handbells in the sanctuary again (with much more variation in technique, range, and musicianship than I can recreate with an electronic device), in the meantime our technological capabilities allow us to make worship inclusive to all.
The hymn lyrics are in the video description.

The link to the video is HERE.