Worship Assistants

September 2019

Schedules are subject to change. Please consult with your team leader for updates/corrections.

  Sept 1 (10 a.m.) Sept 8 Sept 15 Sept 22 Sept 29
Acolytes 8:15 (10:00) Matthew B TBD Matthew B TBD
10:45 Anusha A Colin G Colin G Anders S Colin G
Assisting Ministers 8:15 (10:00) Nancy N Bill B Jerry B Sarah M
10:45 John B Sarah G Robyn K Nalini A Nalini A
Children’s Church 8:15 (10:00) TBDTBD TBD TBD
10:45 David C Jane R Nicholas C Jane R Nicholas C
Greeters 8:15 (10:00) Jerry B, Brian A, Stella Dan & Rob S Joan E Diana B
10:45 Pam B Trevor H Susan S Hagen & Kristina S Matthew & Tamara C
Lector 8:15 (10:00) Jonah W John B Phil D Nancy N
10:45 Nicholas C Susan S Hagen S Linnea A Greg F
Ushers 8:15 (10:00) Ross A, Mike J Steve & Donna S Thor & Nancy N Ross A, Joan E
10:45 Joan E, Mike J Paul D, Richard G Gregory & Margaret F Angela B, Robert P Dick & Peggy J
Coffee Hour 8:15 (10:00) Tad & Vi D Bill & Diana B Tom & Nancy M Phil & Noralyn D
10:45 Lily & Keith C (Carol B, Julie N) Steve & Donna S Petra T familyTrevor HLynn & Bud B
Altar Custodians 8:15 (10:00) Carol B Carol B Carol B Carol B
10:45 Carol B Carol B Carol B Carol B Carol B
Tellers   Lynn & Bud B Greg & Margaret F Thor N, Petra T Annie A, Mina Greg & Margaret F
Bulletin (Prior Thurs) Noralyn D Dick J Diana B Louise G Noralyn D

Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father, through him.

Colossians 3:17