Trinity’s Youth Ministry!

Trinity’s Youth Ministry!

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Cheers from Anita!

A few years ago, I went to a workshop where the leader held up a record (like the vinyl kind), a cassette tape, a CD, and an iPod. He had the first Elvis album in all of those formats. He then said, “The music is the same, just the modality is a little different.” (And, in my opinion, there’s something awesome about vinyl.)

Communication has changed as well. The Bible started as story telling around the fire, which morphed into a written form, and then was put into book form, and now I have a app on my phone where I can read the Bible, if I so choose.

How we can share the love of Jesus has changed as well. We can talk about Jesus, we can text about Jesus, but we can also share God’s love through social media. We can ask our friends how we can pray for them, we can ask for prayers for ourselves. We can read and share devotions written by others (Luther Seminary has a great daily devotion). We can check in that we are at church on Facebook to let others know that Trinity is a place that you call home. Other ideas? Let me know!